Cell Phone Store Design Ideas 2023

Cell Phone Store Design

Cell Phone Store Design Ideas 2023. The first step in decorating a cell phone retail business is to create a store interior design. Whether you’re opening a major retail business or a small cell phone shop, interior design can help you rapidly visualize what the shop will look like when it’s finished and prevent costly decorating blunders.

Cell Phone Store Design

In general, there are three basic steps to starting a cell phone store interior design: layout design, 3D design, and construction drawing.

Layout Plan:

A shop layout is a drawing that depicts the basic dimensions of a cell phone store. Designers will include all sizes for doors, windows, corners, and columns in the layout plan. It will also show the location of the display showcases, cabinets, stands, and wall shelves inside the store, as well as the distance between them so that the storage vendors can easily determine whether they will fit. From the layout plan, we can calculate the best way to harmonize our store fixtures.

3D design:

Once the layout arrangement has been approved, the designer can go on to 3D rendering design, also known as interior design. In a phone store interior design, you can see how each showcase and shelf look once they’ve been decorated, as well as the overall surroundings. Typically, software such as Auto 3Ds Max or Sketchup is used to complete the 3D rendering design, which results in an extremely vivid image.

Construction Drawing:

Following the retailer’s approval of the 3D design, the designer can create a detailed building plan. The plan will include all dimensions, materials, and finishes. Carpenters can build the store fixtures and display stands by following the construction drawing. As a result, one of the most crucial plans throughout the shop decoration is a building drawing. Only if we devote more time and attention to the drawings, will we be able to avoid wasting time and money during the manufacturing process.

Mobile Phone Store Design Style

In the actual world, we see a variety of phone shops with a variety of design styles. What factors should you consider while selecting a design theme for your store? We should focus on a unique theme when creating a mobile phone shop.

Modern Style:

To create a beautiful area, utilize more shiny materials and geometric designs if you want to go for a modern contemporary look. To provide more digital experiences, hi-tech features and advanced future aspects can be incorporated into the design. All of these factors came together to create a one-of-a-kind modern cell phone retail repository.

Organic Features:

Organic features are also commonly employed in the design of mobile phone stores and the décor of computer stores. In a pleasant and spectacular retail environment, white organic display stands, wave line wall cabinets, curved retail shelving, and distinctive racking systems are simple to install. Furthermore, colorful led lights integrated into display fixtures can significantly enrich the interior environment.

Industrial Style:

If you want to create a distinctive phone case shop that caters to young people’s tastes, industrial style is a good option. You can quickly drive your guest to an appealing place with a rustic brick wall or vintage pipeline fittings if you cover it with a bold line and classic fixtures. The multi-phone accessories are merely the ideal concepts to work with the vibrant painting wall pictures.

Natural Effect:

To get a spectacular natural look, a natural-style cellphone shop design will make extensive use of solid wood timber, wood veneer, natural stone, or wood lamination sheet. Many major businesses, such as Apple and Huawei, follow this trend, employing simple ideas and wooden display tables or wall cabinets, as well as white and black colors, to create a high-level conformable shopping environment.

Mobile Phone Store Design Style
Mobile Phone Store Design Style

Tips on Phone Store Design

Light Design:

Indoor lighting can have a significant impact on the store’s environment. The lighting in the store should make customers feel calm and bright; it should not be too clear or too bright, let alone too dark; if it is too bright, it appears dazzling, making customers reluctant to stop and buy; if it is too dark, it appears depressing and low. Proper lighting may improve not only the working environment and labour productivity of the salesperson, but also the store’s ambience, highlight the display of items, and increase the display effect.

Floor Design:

The materials and colours used in floor decoration and floor drawing design are mostly determined by these factors. The mobile phone shop’s flooring should complement the overall design style. The Apple mobile phone store, for example, has a complete wood veneer ceiling, thus the floor should have a wood grain to match. Furthermore, the floor design should take into account the safety and ease of health maintenance, such as whether it is anti-skid, easy to clean, and so on.

Color Selection:

The appropriate use of colour is universally important. Customers’ shopping psychology is influenced by colour, surroundings, and commodity collocation. Whether there is a colour or not, it has its own expression qualities, and each colour will affect the expression of the store if its purity and lightness vary, or if the colour matching connection changes.

Design of the Leisure Area:

A comfortable shopping environment that not only facilitates shopping but also provides clients with a place to rest. On the one hand, it can boost customer happiness; on the other hand, it can influence the popularity of a store. The leisure room should be designed with a “relaxed and pleasant” tone in mind, with soft lighting, upbeat music, and a red or orange combo sofa. The innovative design can be included in the concept of home decoration leisure, providing clients with a sense of calm and comfort.

Main Materials That used in Cell Phone Store


Wood is the most common type of material. It is adaptable, can take on a range of shapes and effects, is relatively inexpensive, is simple to obtain, and has flaws. It is heavier, and it is difficult to move whether it is used to make the mobile phone display cabinet or afterwards.


A cell phone cabinet constructed of glass has a greater effect and affects air permeability. You can provide the impression of more room. Wood, on the other hand, is heavy and easily damaged. When it comes to the creation and transit of mobile phone cases, be cautious.


Many people are familiar with the term “acrylic,” which is used to describe the material used to cover the tops of many pieces of jewellery. There are a variety of acrylic materials available on the market. It has a crystal clear appearance, appears to be of great quality, is difficult to break, and is reasonably priced. However, the cost is reasonable in comparison to the effect.


A metal structure is present in most mobile phone cabinets, which is essential. Of course, there are situations when stainless steel is required.

Cell Phone Store Interior Design

How To Design Small Cell Phone Store?

With the rise of entrepreneurship, we’ve seen a surge in the number of small and medium-sized cell phone stores. Because of the advancement of science and technology, mobile phones, which are a crucial communication tool in our daily lives, are becoming more and more regularly and swiftly updated.

  1. As a high-tech intelligent product, we should emphasize the sense of science and technology, as well as the sense of innovation, while developing mobile phone stores. Because many mobile phone businesses are stereotypical and lack fresh ideas, we know that science and technology is the first productive force of innovation. Breakthrough and innovation will propel us ahead of our competitors.
  2. The use of the display cabinet for product display and functional area division is reasonable. Product display is essential for attracting customers’ attention and helping them better understand new products. We need to pay attention to the height of the display cabinet and the inside lighting design to explain and sell the goods to them.
  3. Make a good design for the experience area and the relaxation area. Customers will only notice something different when they get up to experience it due to the various versions and features of the mobile phone system. And it’s for this reason that several cellphone stores have created specific experience zones. The leisure area’s design can give clients a location to learn about the products and relax.
  4. To better satisfy the demands of various consumers, mobile phones sold by mobile phone stores are no longer limited to a single brand. As a result, the store design rule should emphasize a specific theme, focus, and go for monopoly.


When designing a cell phone store, it’s important to strike a balance between function and show. We’re looking for the most appealing decorating, but we also need practical display fittings. We can only design and develop a successful and cheery shop interior design if we first understand what the consumer requires and the display requirements. We can easily build out our dream shop display in the simplest way by using the right material in the right position and employing the right color correctly.

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