IPL Schedule 2022 Venue, Dates, Points, Match Table [Updated]

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IPL Schedule 2021 Venue, Dates, Points, Match Table [Updated]. IPL 2021 will include a new schedule, venue, dates, points, and match table. Now is the time to get new IPL 2021 dates from this page. The BCCI has revealed the new schedule for the IPL 2021 season. IPL 2021 will now begin on September 19, 2021, as per the amended schedule. The final match of the IPL will be the most thrilling. The final match will now take place on October 10th. Corona had previously forced IPL games to be interrupted. In response to the overwhelming demand from the people, the IPL will begin on September 19th. Because the Indian Premier League was halted, 31 matches were missed. These games have now been separated into ten doubleheaders, seven single headers, and four playoffs.

IPL New Schedule 2021 Venue, Dates, Points, Match Table

The VIVO IPL 2021 date, VIVO IPL 2021 schedule, VIVO IPL 2021 venues, VIVO IPL 2021 fixtures, VIVO IPL 2021 teams, and remaining purse worth of each team are all covered in this article ahead of the IPL 2021 auction. While everyone’s excitement for the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is building, everyone wants to know the IPL 2021 date, complete fixtures, and venues first.

IPL 2021 Schedule

The IPL fans’ long wait will come to an end on September 19, 2021. To make room for the ICC T20 World Cup 2021, the remaining 31 matches in the IPL 2021 New Schedule will be completed in 21 days, with 10 doubleheaders, 7 single headers, and 4 playoffs. In this article, we will go through the IPL 2021 New Schedule, which was released by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic among players, the BCCI suspended IPL 2021 in May. The BCCI has announced that the remaining 31 IPL matches would be completed in September and October.

IPL New Schedule

IPL New Dates 2021

The article contains all of the details on the IPL New Schedule 2021. The BCCI has rescheduled the IPL matches at this time, igniting renewed interest among fans. Everyone is curious as to how the remaining matches in the new IPL schedule would be organized.

The cancellation of the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) disappointed many fans. Now that the IPL has been rescheduled, the BCCI has reignited the audience’s passion for the tournament. You’ve now provided information on the new information supplied by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), such as the IPL 2021 calendar, new dates and venues, points table, orange cap, timetable, and team list, among other things.

IPL New Schedule 2021

We will provide you with information on the remaining 31 IPL matches. Let us inform you that these matches are now scheduled to take place in Dubai. Before these matches are finalized, each team’s players had undergone covid testing. The good news is that the date for the matches has finally been announced. The table below contains all of the information about the IPL New Schedule Date.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Mumbai Indians (MI) shocked Chennai with a boom at the start of this year’s IPL 2021. The public was enthralled by this year’s IPL, which began on April 9th. Corona forced the cancellation of IPL 2021 matches. The BCCI has rescheduled the IPL to finish the remaining matches on September 19th, putting an end to the specter of spectators.

April 2021,91. MI vs RCB
April 2021,102. CSK vs DC
April 2021,113. SRH vs KKR
April 2021,124. RR vs PK
April 2021,135. KKR vs MI
April 2021,146. SRH vs RCB
April 2021,157. RR vs DC
April 2021,168. PK vs CSK
April 2021,179. MI vs SRH
April 2021,1810. RCB vs KKR
April 2021,1811. DC vs PK
April 2021,1912. CSK vs RR
April 2021,2013. DC vs MI
April 2021,2114. PK vs SRH
April 2021,2115. KKR vs CSK
April 2021,2216. RCB vs RR
April 2021,2317. PK vs MI
April 2021,2418. RR vs KKR
April 2021,2519. CSK vs RCB
April 2021,2520. SRH vs DC
April 2021,2621. PK vs KKR
April 2021,2722. DC vs RCB
April 2021,2823. CSK vs SRH
April 2021,2924. MI vs RR
April 2021,2925. DC vs KKR
April 2021,3026. PK vs RCB
May 2021, 127. MI vs CSK
May 2021, 228. RR vs SRH
May 2021, 229. PK vs DC
May 2021, 330. KKR vs RCB
May 2021, 431. SRH vs MI
May 2021, 532. RR vs CSK
May 2021, 633. RCB vs PK
May 2021, 734. SRH vs CSK
May 2021, 835. KKR vs DC
May 2021, 836. RR vs MI
May 2021, 937. CSK vs PK
May 2021, 938. RCB vs SRH
May 2021, 1039. MI vs KKR
May 2021, 1140. DC vs RR
May 2021, 1241. CSK vs KKR
May 2021, 1342. MI vs PK
May 2021, 1343. SRH vs RR
May 2021, 1444. RCB vs DC
May 2021, 1545. KKR vs PK
May 2021, 1646. RR vs RCB
May 2021, 1647. CSK vs MI
May 2021, 1748. DC vs SRH
May 2021, 1849. KKR vs RR
May 2021, 1950. SRH vs PK
May 2021, 2051. RCB vs MI
May 2021, 2152. KKR vs SRH
May 2021, 2153. DC vs CSK
May 2021, 2254. PK vs RR
May 2021, 2355. MI vs DC
May 2021, 2356. RCB vs CSK
May 2021, 2557. Qualifier 1
May 2021, 2658. Eliminator
May 2021, 2859. Qualifier 2
May 2021, 3060. Final

The data in the table above is from before the IPL was Rescheduled. The given table will be updated with the latest table information as soon as possible. You’ll soon be able to find out about the new matches’ dates, locations, match tables, and other details. We will provide you the updated information via the table as soon as possible. You can look at additional details about the new matches until then.

IPL 2021 New Venue

We are delighted to inform you that your wait is finally complete. By rescheduling the IPL, the BCCI has now announced a new IPL 2021 Schedule Venue List. The remaining 31 matches will now be hosted in Dubai, according to the new schedule. The list of these matches will be provided in the near future. The venue for the IPL 2021 season has yet to be announced. The authorities will share information regarding this as soon as possible.

IPL Schedule

The table will soon be updated with the IPL 2021 Schedule Stadium Name List. Don’t worry if you haven’t seen the Venue list yet; we’ll let you know as soon as we can. You can now receive all IPL-related information immediately on your mobile notifications. To do so, you must authorize the website to send you notifications. The data in the table above will be provided to you shortly.

Match NumberIPL 2021 Reschedule Venue
Match 1UAE (Dubai)
Match 2UAE (Dubai)
Match 3UAE (Dubai)
Match 4UAE (Dubai)
Match 5UAE (Dubai)
Match 6UAE (Dubai)
Match 7UAE (Dubai)
Match 8UAE (Dubai)
Match 9UAE (Dubai)
Match 10UAE (Dubai)
Match 11UAE (Dubai)
Match 12UAE (Dubai)
Match 13UAE (Dubai)
Match 14UAE (Dubai)
Match 15UAE (Dubai)
Match 16UAE (Dubai)
Match 17UAE (Dubai)
Match 18UAE (Dubai)
Match 19UAE (Dubai)
Match 20UAE (Dubai)
Match 21UAE (Dubai)
Match 22UAE (Dubai)
Match 23UAE (Dubai)
Match 24UAE (Dubai)
Match 25UAE (Dubai)
Match 26UAE (Dubai)
Match 27UAE (Dubai)
Match 28UAE (Dubai)
Match 29UAE (Dubai)
Match 30UAE (Dubai)
Match 31UAE (Dubai)

IPL 2021 Points Table

We’ll provide you the IPL 2021 Points Table based on the matches that have been played so far. You may check statistics based on matches played before the IPL was postponed in this list. The figures in the table are presented in a top-to-bottom order. We’re releasing these numbers based on what we can find on the internet. These statistics can be used to assess your team’s performance. The IPL Points table has been announced based on the results of the 58 matches that have been played so far. If the information in the table does not satisfy you, you may leave a comment in the box below.

Delhi Capitals862120.55W L W W W L W W
Chennai Super Kings752101.26L W W W W W L
Royal Challengers Bangalore75210-0.17W W W W L W L
Mumbai Indians74380.06L W W L L W W
Rajasthan Royals7346-0.19L W L L W L W
Punjab Kings8356-0.37W L L L W L W L
Kolkata Knight Riders7254-0.49W L L L L W L
Sunrisers Hyderabad7162-0.62L L L W L L L

The table above is courtesy of icccricketschedule.com. You may see your team’s position point table by looking at this list. The stats in the chart are based on 58 matches that have already been scheduled for the IPL 2021 season. As new matches start, the table will be updated accordingly. The table will contain all of the information on the IPL Point List 2021.

IPL Schedule Dates 2021

The IPL Schedule New Dates will be issued soon, according to the most recent information obtained by the BCCI. According to information obtained from confidential sources, the remaining 31 IPL 2021 matches will take place between September 19 and October 10, 2021. We will provide you the information along with a list as soon as possible. As soon as feasible, the table below will be updated. According to the new schedule, 31 matches will be finished in 21 days.

Every franchise’s player retention window for the IPL 2021 has already closed. Every franchise is now looking forward to the IPL 2021 auction, which will take place on February 18, 2021, in Chennai. Franchises can purchase additional players to bolster their roster in this auction. Aside from the auction, franchises can use the trading windows to lengthen or trim their IPL 2021 player lists.

The date, schedule, venues, and fixtures for the IPL 2021 season will be announced soon. According to reports in the media, the IPL 2021 will likely begin in the second week of April 2021, with the tournament’s final scheduled for the first week of June 2021.

IPL Reschedule date 2021Date and Time
Starting Date19 September 2021
2nd MatchAvailable Soon
3rd MatchAvailable Soon
4th MatchAvailable Soon
5th MatchAvailable Soon
6th MatchAvailable Soon
7th MatchAvailable Soon
8th MatchAvailable Soon
9th MatchAvailable Soon
10th MatchAvailable Soon
11th MatchAvailable Soon
12th MatchAvailable Soon
13th MatchAvailable Soon
14th MatchAvailable Soon
15th MatchAvailable Soon
16th MatchAvailable Soon
17th MatchAvailable Soon
18th MatchAvailable Soon
19th MatchAvailable Soon
20th MatchAvailable Soon
Final Match10 October 2021

The table will be updated as soon as new information becomes available. You can now view its information on your mobile device as well. According to the most recent information, all 31 matches will be completed in less than 21 days. These matches will be played in ten doubleheaders, seven single headers, and four playoffs, according to the BCCI. There are only 21 matches shown in the table above. When you update the table, you’ll see that there are around two matches per day.

You can leave a comment in the space below if you have any further information. In the comment section below, you can ask any IPL-related questions.

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