New PUBG game announced by developers of call of duty

New PUBG Game Announced By Developers Of Call Of Duty 1024x538

New PUBG game announced by developers of call of duty. We all know that PUBG is royal gameplay of battle where you have to fight to stay the last one. Nowadays, this game is very popular. Many people are addicted to this game, which is why the latest trend has become. Recently, a new PUBG game has been announced by duty call developers.

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A New Pubg Game for the Gamers is on its way

They haven’t yet revealed the game’s name. But the only thing we know about it is that a new studio called ‘ Striking Distance ‘ is developing it. Striking Distance is a fresh studio in which a fresh manufacturing team led by Glen Schofield has been appointed. Glen Schofield has many popular games to his credit, such as Dead Space and Call of Duty. The best aspect is that under his guidance this upcoming game will be created.

New Pubg Game Coming Soon

The PUBG Mobile is clearly the top-rated game on both the Google Play Store and theiOS Play Store for Android. PUBG Corporation’s new game will be an “initial story experience in the PUBG world,” according to the recent accounts. There were no more words about it yet. Let’s look at what’s next. Stay tuned for updates until then.

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