PUBG Mobile is now reportedly the largest mobile game in the world

PUBG Mobile Is Now Reportedly The Largest Mobile Game In The World

PUBG Mobile is now reportedly the largest mobile game in the world. PUBG Mobile is not only the world’s most famous mobile game, with more than 100 million monthly subscribers, it is now also the top-grossing: gathering income of over $146 million last month, according to analyst statistics reported by The Financial Times.

PUBG Mobile is now reportedly the largest mobile game in the world

The cash comes not only from products and skins purchased by PUBG Mobile players (which was developed by Chinese tech giant Tencent from the South Korean PC initial) but also from cash spent on the China-only rebrand of the game, Game For Peace.

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PUBG Mobile produced $76 million in income last month, while Game For Peace produced $70 million, according to projections from Chinese brokerage Great Wall Securities.

Tencent released the latter title in May after Chinese government regulators refused to monetize PUBG Mobile. Game For Peace is basically a patriotic and less bloodshed version of PUBG Mobile. For example, players get up and wave goodbye instead of dying in a pool of blood when eliminated from the game.

These modifications demonstrate the problems that gaming companies are experiencing in China, where the government has cracked down on titles they see as anti-social or corrupt.

The government regulator stopped entirely approving fresh video game permits in February, while current titles had to be rewritten or time limits incorporated. For instance, in 2017 Tencent’s last smash-hit mobile game, Kings fantasy MOBA Honor, restricted kids under 12 to an hour of regular play, and kids aged 12 to 18 to 2 hours.

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Analysts have been concerned that these constraints will crimp income for businesses such as Tencent, especially with its Game For Peace rebrand. But these recent statistics indicate that the business has retained its audience. Game for Peace and PUBG Mobile’s $146 million combined monthly income now exceeds the $125 million that Honor of Kings gathered over that same period.

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