Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has a 3D face unlock like iPhones

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has a 3D face unlock like iPhones

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G has a 3D face unlock like iPhones. This operates with the front ToF sensor. The Galaxy S10 5G of Samsung is the bunch’s most expensive, and the most feature-packed. The mobile is also the only one in the series to have a ToF sensor alongside its 5G chops, both on the front and back. Although ToF sensors can provide portrait mode wonders with the main camera unit, facial 3D scanning can also be allowed in real-time.

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Unfortunately, when the Korean giant first launched its flagship line’s 5G variant, it did so without much fanfare about the ToF sensor and the options it could unlock. Okay, the company has finally set out to allow some of these revolutionary possibilities and, as @TEQHNIKACROSS discovered, the Galaxy S10 5G is now using the ToF sensor for facial recognition.

here is photo

— Emperor (@TEQHNIKACROSS) November 8, 2019

The mobile can now use an IR beam to map your face in 3D using the time it takes for the light to be reflected back (for example, the light from your nose will have a shorter ‘ flight time ‘ as it is closer to the camera). Using a standard front-facing camera, this information can then be used to recognize every lump or wrinkle on your face in real-time, making for a much better experience than face unlocking. As such, a 2D photo of you can’t fool the camera as well.

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There are, of course, still ways to get around these more advanced methods of facial recognition, but it’s definitely a step up from what you had before. Unfortunately, since this is a software update, you need the One UI 2.0 to function on your phone Samsung is currently in beta testing in Korea for the release. Hopefully, the same will soon be rolled out in other areas.

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