Here’s why your iPhone received strange messages last night

Here is why your iPhone received strange messages last night

Here’s why your iPhone received strange messages last night. A series of text messages sent months ago were sent early in the morning of November 7 to iPhones and other mobile devices in the United States, with the unexplained message delivery most likely connected with the introduction of the recently launched Cross-Carrier Messaging Initiative.

A number of US mobile users learned that they were sending text messages at an unusual time of day in the early hours of Thursday morning. The messages, which included both corporate and recipient-known texts, all seem to have originally been sent around February’s Valentine’s Day.

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The messages were not limited by the manufacturer or operating system of mobile devices, which essentially removes apps such as iMessage from Apple that are exclusive to iOS devices such as the iPhone. Also, the users affected were not limited to a single carrier, with subscribers of all major US mobile networks apparently falling victim to the issue.

The messages ‘ out-of-context nature led to posts complaining about their existence on Twitter and Reddit, Popular Mechanics reports. Since the messages seemed to have been legitimately sent by the recipient, this caused some confusion between the two parties, and with many not actually keeping communication records going as far back as February, many are left without the ability to check whether the messages were initially received properly.

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While there is no official statement from any of the carriers explaining why the incident is taking place, radio station 92 Moose is informing the United States. There was an issue with an upgrade to the Cross-Carrier Messaging System verified by cellular. The bug has impacted many carriers, according to the spokesperson, and it is unlikely that any more messages from Valentine’s Day will reappear.

Some customers have reported similar responses via social media from other carriers ‘ support teams.

The Cross-Carrier Messaging Program, officially announced in October, is based on GSMA’s Rich Communications Service industry standard to boost consumer communications on the different carriers. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon have all signed up for the agreement to jointly build and launch the interoperable messaging service for Android devices in 2020.

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CCMI is expected to allow an enhanced experience to send individual or group chats privately through carriers with high-quality pictures and videos, as well as to help customers connect with brands and carry out transactions such as bill payment or scheduling appointments.

More importantly, this aims to create a “single seamless, interoperable RCS interface through networks, both in the U.S. and internationally.” Given a large number of individuals who would be impacted by the introduction of the program, Apple is likely to have to include support for it in future communications.

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