Samsung will launch Android’s latest Email Plus app

Samsung will launch Android's latest Email Plus app

Samsung will launch Android’s latest Email Plus app. It seems that Samsung is working hard to introduce a fresh email app to Android users safer than the present one. A few months ago, many Samsung smartphone owners got messages from Google, informing them that the Samsung email app comes from a suspect publisher who has access to their Gmail information.

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Samsung will launch Android’s latest Email Plus app

The message also included information about how the app’s publisher could read, submit, and permanently delete any messages with their Gmail accounts if they so wished. The South Korean firm plans to launch a brand new email app for Android devices, despite the reality that Samsung claims the problem was just a bug that will be resolved.

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The folks at LetsGoDigital spotted a new “Email Plus” trademark filed by Samsung in the UK, described as “smartphone and tablet computer software to manage email accounts.” While it’s unclear when exactly the new app will be released, we wouldn’t be surprised to know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be the first to get it.

Although the Samsung Email app is listed on the Google Play Store, it is only compatible with the South Korean company’s smartphones and tablets, so you won’t discover it there unless you own a device like that.

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