Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with 3D ToF Sensor

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Comes With 3D ToF Sensor 1024x538

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with 3D ToF Sensor. Everyone awaits the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note10. There are only a couple of days remaining as we’ll see it on July 7. Now, according to a Korean publication’s recent study, the phone will have 3D Flight Time sensors.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 5 G will also feature ToF sensors on the front and back, while Samsung Galaxy A80 will also be packed as part of the flip-up camera with 3D Time of Flight sensors. For AR apps and face recognition, these sensors work fantastically to make bokeh.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with 3D ToF Sensor

South Korean lens manufacturer KOLEN has partnered with Samsung and is investing $21.6 million in Vietnam to construct a fresh plant. This will improve its ability for manufacturing from 13 million to 25 million lenses. Due to its collaboration with Samsung, which produces more than half of its phones in the nation, the place was selected.

However, we are not sure whether or not Samsung Galaxy Note10 + will feature 3D Time of Flight sensors. There will be two ToF modules on the phone, front, and back, just like the Galaxy S10 5 G, according to some rumours.

Current renders and leaked screen protectors only show a tiny circular hole, which is why it is not evident how the punch hole structure will be functional. Some prior reports also suggest that there is no Bixby button for Samsung Galaxy Note10. The phone is going to have two versions, one 4G and the other 5G.

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