Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas. If you’re looking for Christmas decorating ideas on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. If you disagree with spending so much on festive accessories here you have an acceptable budget solution for all festive decor.

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Top Stylish Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas

Who says you need to invest in style to be Christmas? No need to break the bank to decorate your home for Christmas. Follow this year’s purse-friendly designs for quick budget updates.

1. Make your own fragrant firelighters

Make your own fragrant fire lighters
TI Media

The scent is as much about creating the perfect festive atmosphere as it is about the visual. Instantly, signature scents will conjure up memories of enjoyable holidays, such as dried fruit, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pine cones.

What could be better than a roaring fire setting the scene? Making the roaring fire fragrant, that’s what it’s like. Create our own fragrant budget-friendly firelighters by collecting aromatic materials like cinnamon sticks and finds from woods. Bundle these together in upcycled newspaper sheets, roll up and tie at both ends with jute–to look like mini crackers.

2. Dry fruit for decorations

Dry fruit for decorations
Maxwell Attenborough

Decorations of the Christmas vine are not much more cost-effective than fruits dried in the oven. Despite the holiday scent, clementines are a Christmas classic. Therefore, they are the ideal fruit to dry and stick to the tree, adding a warm colour splash and rich fragrance.

Numerous cuts on the outside will be enough from top to bottom to allow the fruit to dry out faster and emit more of the sweet fragrance. Simply string thread through the top to make a loop to hang on a leaf, wreath or garland.

3. Forage for foliage to make a wreath

Forage for foliage to make a wreath
Maxwell Attenborough

Trees, wreaths, garlands, sprayed branches–at Christmas, nature is cool and safe. Get your wellington boots on and forge holly, pine cones, spices, sprigs and twigs before you get home and twist and turn them into masterpieces of botany. There’s no reason you can’t afford a budget for Christmas!

Above is a wreath from our 2019 Christmas shoot, made with herbs, delicate baubles, and festive dried flowers. A cost-effective way to stylishly dress a front entrance.

4. Create unique garlands from recycled materials

Create unique garlands from recycled materials
Image credit: Ti-Media

If you’re looking for something other than tinsel to decorate your tree, but don’t have the budget to invest in a pre-made garland try to make your own. You can bring anything from popcorn to pine cones together. Why not turn your Christmas into a beautiful garland by upcycling old vintage lace and crocheted doilies?

5. Fashion trees for festive place settings

Max Attenborough

Create a charming festive statement by dressing the table as place settings with mini trees. By making homemade mini trees, you can cheat on this effect. Only take branch cuttings from a real fir tree and place them in a tealight votive. You can easily snip branches from the back if you have a real tree as your main tree, they won’t be missed.

6. String up socks as an alternative garland

String up socks as an alternative garland
Joanna Henderson

What could be easier if you’re on a budget than using socks to shape an advent garland? You just have to find 24 socks and some kind of string or ribbon. Place a tiny stitch in each to secure the socks along the ribbon length.

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Next, you need to add numbers to a card tag and use mini wooden pegs to attach them – which you can pick up super cheap in most craft shops.

7. Make your own gift wrap

Make your own gift wrap
Photo credit: Annie Sloan

Make your own gift wrap to keep the budget down. Hand-drawn designs produce the exquisite beautiful paper to add beauty to your gifts. In half, slice a large potato and score a festive motif carefully. Cut the potato out of the scored section, so it raises the shape.

Dip this side into a thin spread of paint (use a tin lid as a palette on the underside), and avoid making it too heavy or blotting. Stamp on a brown paper sheet, or better yet on the back of an upcycled paper sheet. Before re-coating with paint stamp several times and repeat until the paper is covered. Let’s dry.

8. Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas in Low Cost

Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas
Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Go back to basics with a fun little garland made of string and old-fashioned luggage tags – you can hang it across the cloakroom, along a shelf or at the end of the bed so Santa knows where to stop. Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Write the name of a family member, a Christmas message or a personalized greeting using a new tag for each letter, then string the tags on a twine length with mini pine cones to distinguish them.

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9. Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas Trees at the lowest price

Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas
Image credit: Tim Young

These will bring to a side table a modern woody touch. Take two long, sturdy branches and enter a hot glue gun. Twist to hold the wreath wire. Now, cut the crosswise twigs and lay them out.

Cut two small twigs of the same size and lie side by side from top to top. Repeat and cut a finger space below the first two, two more, a little longer. Continue with the twigs getting longer gradually until you have two triangular shapes, but leave enough trunk to push into a pot.

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Add the cut twigs to the trunk, first operate with a hot glue gun on one side, according to the original layout. Cool, turn back and repeat. Push the oasis into a pot and push through the cooled tree. Top pot with moss and berries and twine or wreath wire to decorate the twigs.

10. Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas Calendar Design Ideas

Top Stylish Budget Friendly Christmas Calendar
Image credit: Brent Darby

Easy to make, you can use this beautiful alternative advent calendar every year. Purchase 24 plain brown envelopes to make your own, and print or emboss each one with a number, from one to 24.

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Then fill each envelope with a sweet treat or a simply written hint where a small gift is concealed. Place the envelopes on four short cord lengths and stick them to the wall. For a festive touch, use a red ribbon and stripy string.

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