A Tale of Fraud and Unprofessional Conduct [Review] A Tale of Fraud and Unprofessional Conduct

In the digital age, online advertising is very important for businesses to reach their target audience. Many companies offer advertising services, and is one of them. However, my personal experience with left me deeply disappointed and frustrated due to their fraudulent activities and unprofessional behaviour. I recently had a harrowing experience with, and I want to share my story to warn others about their fraudulent and unprofessional behaviour. A Tale of Fraud and Unprofessional Conduct

When I first came across, they boasted about their advertising services. They promised to help businesses like mine reach new heights with their online advertising expertise. Excited about the prospects, I decided to give them a try.

Right from the start, the process was quite fine and they offered a handsome amount. And they claimed to have a clear payment schedule, but when it came time to receive my earnings, they conveniently started making excuses. They came up with all sorts of excuses and delays, leaving me feeling helpless and cheated. Communication with’s representative was a real headache. When I decided to cut off with them due to their non-serious behaviour they refused to release my money.

In short, my experience with was a lesson in dealing with fraudulent and non-professional behaviour. They made grand promises, used shady tactics, failed to deliver results, and refused to honour their financial commitments. If any of you are considering working with them, I strongly urge you to reconsider and explore more reputable options in the advertising industry.

In the business world, trust and honesty really matter, but doesn’t live up to these standards. They’re not trustworthy. So don’t let their website and promises fool you; beneath the surface, they are a company that engages in fraudulent practices and displays non-professional behaviour that can harm your business and your trust in online advertising. Be cautious, do your research, and choose partners who truly value your worth.

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