Best Chair for after Hip Replacement in 2023

Best Chair for after Hip Replacement

Best Chair for after Hip Replacement. A hip chair may be exactly what you need if you have hip flexibility concerns and need to rest without fully extending the hip joint. These seats are intended to give a raised seating position that is ideal for anyone who has undergone a hip replacement or repair surgery. The greatest hip chairs are ergonomically constructed and feature a hard but still padded seat so that the person sitting does not sink into the chair.

Hip Chairs provide a comfortable area to sit and rest for persons recovering from hip surgery. We offer a comprehensive overview and assessment of some of the top hip chairs on the market, as well as advice on what to look for before making a purchase. Let’s get started.

What is a Hip Chair?

Hip chairs are intended for people who have had hip surgery and are still healing. Usually, these chair seats are higher than ordinary chair seats since staying higher lessens the need to flex the hip. This gives the user a crucial feature. It makes it easier to sit and stand while lowering the amount of weight on the hip.

These chairs can be utilised not only for post-op hip surgery, but also for other disorders such as arthritis that make bending impossible or very uncomfortable.

Why is it Good to Use a Hip Chair?

Regardless of age, it is critical to rehab appropriately following surgery in order to return to normalcy as soon as feasible. Utilizing the greatest recovery aids might be gentler on your body and promote faster recovery. Utilizing the right hip chair can make sitting easier on your body after hip surgery or if you have arthritis.

Using a hip chair is not only simple, but they are usually lightweight and portable, allowing you to take them anywhere you go.

Some hip chairs can also be used in the shower to improve safety and comfort while ensuring good hygiene.

Can You Get A Hip Chair For The Shower?

Yes. Hop chairs for use in the shower are available. These trendy shower seats are made of water-resistant materials that will not rust. They also employ rubber tips on the chair feet to reduce the possibility of sliding.

These chairs are lighter in weight and often less comfortable than a hip chair that cannot be soaked in water.

Best Chair for after Hip Replacement

We’ve included 5 of our favourite hip chairs for shower use below.

1. Hip High Chair with Back and Arms

Hip High Chair with Back and Arms

The Hip High Chair from Drive Medical allows you to sit without bending your hip. Steel legs support the chair, which has a water-resistant vinyl seat and backrest. Contoured armrests contribute to comfort. This high stool is the ideal daily living accessory for anyone recovering from hip surgery or injury. Best Chair for after Hip Replacement.

2. Platinum Health Hip Chair

Platinum Health Hip Chair

The Apex premium, height-adjustable, padded hip chair was specifically built for post-op hip sufferers. It is the only hip chair with medical-grade, non-absorbent padding and a lightweight, height-adjustable, rustproof structure. This chair is suitable for use in any room in the house, including the bathroom and shower! It’s like getting two chairs for the price of one.

The soft cushioning prevents skin rips and feels considerably warmer against the skin than its hard plastic counterparts. All of the surfaces are simple to clean and disinfect. The Apex’s rapid, tool-free height adjustment function allows it to be correctly adjusted to the patient’s height, unlike competing devices that have a “one size fits all” height and seat angle that is simply ineffective for most users. The adjustable seat angle provides a tailored fit and makes seat entry and egress quick, smooth, and painless while minimising excessive hip flexion. Best Chair for after Hip Replacement.

The frame is made of rustproof aluminium and will last for many years. The Apex hip chair was designed by front-line healthcare workers with decades of experience in patient mobility as well as rehabilitation, and it is regarded as the premium hip chair product by nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors worldwide.

3. Adjustable Height Stool with Back and Arms White

Adjustable Height Stool with Back and Arms White

With this adjustable stool with back and armrests, you can work comfortably on counters and sit wherever you like. For enhanced comfort, the kitchen stool has a padded seat and back. Adjustable arm supports and a sloped seat makes getting up and down easier, while height-adjustable legs allow you to alter the seat height from 21 to 27 inches.

Ideal for standing while working, as a hip chair after surgery, or as a custom-height chair for old, injured, or disabled people. The lightweight and robust adjustable chair has anti-slip rubber feet for increased stability.

You can buy with confidence because Drive Medical, a leading brand of personal care products, mobility aids, and other medical equipment for over 20 years, backs it up with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Lumex Everyday Hips Chair with Adjustable Footrest

Lumex Everyday Chair with Adjustable Footrest

The Lumex Daily Hip Chair is perfect for persons with arthritis or those who have had hip or knee surgery. The 27″ high seat reduces joint tension and strain while sitting and entering and departing the chair. High-density foam in the upholstered seat and back makes sitting for extended periods of time more comfortable.

The new adjustable height footrest improves sitting comfort. Two spring-loaded adjustment knobs on either side of the frame make adjusting the footrest height simple and secure. All Lumex products are of the highest quality. Lumex has been trusted by healthcare professionals and end users for over 50 years and offers a complete array of patient aids and speciality healthcare seating.

5. Eagle Health Supplies Hips Chair

Eagle Health Supplies Hip Chair

Eagle Health Supply has been a leader in the durable home medical equipment sector for over 20 years. Our sliding transfer bench started as a simple and inexpensive piece of toilet equipment. Every year, we sell thousands of these goods through pharmacies, home medical supply stores, and online. As healthcare product expenses have risen, Eagle Health Supplies has continued to develop multi-functional bath and safety goods that make life easier while allowing consumers to stretch their healthcare dollars even further.


In conclusion, finding the best chair after hip replacement is crucial to ensure comfort, stability, and safety during the recovery period. The ideal chair should provide adequate support to the hips and back, promote good posture, and be easy to get in and out of without putting unnecessary strain on the hips.

A recliner or a high seat with armrests and a firm cushion can be excellent choices for post-hip replacement patients. It is also essential to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized recommendations on the best chair for individual needs and to follow proper post-operative instructions to promote a successful recovery. With the right chair and proper care, patients can achieve optimal healing and restore their mobility and quality of life after hip replacement surgery.

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