Best Ways To Put Plants In Bathroom

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Best Ways To Put Plants In Bathroom. Plants generally are a great way to add colour and vitality to your bathroom, and there’s no shortage of options. Many bathroom plants offer air-cleansing properties in addition to contributing to creating a pleasant, serene environment. When you consider how many harsh chemicals are commonly used to clean bathrooms, the indoor plant is a huge plus. Home interiors recommend plants in the bathroom for new aesthetic decor trends.

Ways To Put Plants In Bathroom
Ways To Put Plants In Bathroom

Best Ways To Put Plants In Bathroom

Houseplants are beneficial in a variety of ways. They are not only a pleasant visual addition to a place, bringing softness and colour, but they also do the dirty work of removing toxins from the air. Consider planting plants in your bathroom if you’d like to add them to your indoor home plants but haven’t had much experience keeping them alive. Plants thrive on the consistent amounts of moisture provided by your shower. Certain plants, especially those that survive in the reduced levels of the rainforests in the natural world, don’t require much light, even if your washroom is dark. You’ll discover both décor and plant ideas for naturally greening your bathroom below.

Ways to place plants in bathroom

With so many technologies in our homes, it’s more important than ever to adopt design styles that strengthen our ties to nature. Bathrooms have varying temperatures, consistent humidity, and a lot of direct sunlight regardless of the glass windows. To thrive in such unforgiving conditions, you’ll need hardy plant babies, and luckily for us, there are lots to choose from.

How to put plants in the bathroom?

The finest washroom plants are those which can withstand a wide range of heat and high condition extremes. When you’re in the bathroom, it’s crucial to find plants that can handle the heat and humidity. However, because your bathroom will be cooler than the rest of the home as night falls, the plant needs to be able to withstand the lower temperatures. It is quite vital to check the safety of home plants if you have pets, as some could be poisonous to dogs and cats.

  • Ensure that your bathrooms have windows that let in natural light.
  • Keep the plants out of direct water.
  • Choose planters with holes or epiphytes such as air plants that don’t need a planter.

Snake plant in the bathroom

Snake plants are becoming more popular as a result of their low-maintenance characteristics. A snake plant doesn’t require much water or sunlight to thrive, yet it’s regarded to be one of the most effective air purifiers.

Snake Plant In Bathroom
Snake plant in bathroom

Lucky bamboo in bath

Bamboo is a gorgeous, low-maintenance plant that grows without soil, making it excellent for indoor use. Your Bamboo is ready to go once you fill a pot with pebbles and water. It also doesn’t require a lot of light, making it excellent for bathrooms with limited windowsill space. When set just beside your shower or toilet, bamboo will look fantastic. Keep this plant out of the reach of pets because it is poisonous to them.

Lucky Bamboo In Bath
Lucky bamboo in bath

Cast-iron plant bath

This is the ideal bathroom plant for you if you’re not very adept at keeping plants alive! Cast Iron prefers low light, requires minimal water, and can withstand high-temperature variations, so you can rest easy knowing that your plant will stand the test of time! Simply wait for it until the soil is totally dry before watering your Cast Iron to keep it healthy.

Cast Iron Plant Bath
Cast-iron plant bath

Gardenia bath plant

Gardenias are tropical plants that thrive in humid environments like bathrooms. Bright, indirect light is ideal for them, so consider sunlight and afternoon shade. These are the lovely flowering plant that requires a little more sun to thrive. If you have a bathroom window that needs at least 4 hours of daylight, such as a south or west-facing window, this would be a great place to put a gardenia.

Gardenia Bath Plant
Gardenia bath plant

“Freddie” Calathea bathroom plant

Calathea thrives in humid areas, so it’s an excellent plant for sprucing up your bathroom. You don’t have to bother about how little your bedroom window is or if it’s too far away from it because it gets mild indirect light. This is a favourite bathroom plant because it’s more resistant to poor lighting nature than other plants.

Calathea Bathroom Plant
Calathea bathroom plant

Aloe Vera in bathroom

Since we’re dealing with lavatory plants, you might as well choose something with some health benefits, right? Aloe vera can help with this. The liquid insides of the leaves are used to soothe skin, cure minor burns, and relieve itching. Simply cut a mature leaf from the plant’s base, squeeze out the inside ‘gel,’ and apply it to your skin. These plants prefer direct light. Make sure yours isn’t too far away from a window for the greatest benefits.

Aloe Vera In Bathroom
Aloe Vera in bathroom

Pothos in bathroom

Pothos is an excellent plant for a bathroom shelf or countertop because it prefers low to medium, indirect light. Although pothos doesn’t require extra humidity, it’s an excellent choice for a washroom because it tolerates poor light and sporadic watering.

Pothos In Bathroom
Pothos in bathroom

Evergreen Chinese (Best Ways To Put Plants In Bathroom)

Because of its endurance, the Chinese Evergreen is an excellent choice for the bathroom. It also survives when you neglect to water it, making it a great choice if you travel for work or are easily distracted. It’s also quite adaptable; it favours dim or direct light but can thrive in bright areas as well. It enjoys dampness but dislikes abrupt temperature fluctuations. On colder days, keep the windows closed to avoid strong draughts that could stifle its growth.

Evergreen Chinese
Evergreen Chinese

Airplant for bathroom

These plants are ideal for bathrooms because they can absorb the moisture from showers and baths. Plus, because they don’t require containers or potting mix, they let you be more creative with your display.

Airplant For Bathroom
Airplant for bathroom

Air plants take water and nutrients from the air rather than using their roots to do so. They may thrive in a variety of environments, but they prefer strong, direct sunlight and high humidity. These guys are for you if you have a washroom with a large sunny window.

Wall of life in the bathroom

Living walls gained attention a few years ago and are still considered a fashion statement. These are alternatives to potted plants. There are firms that create plant-filled living walls, as well as lots of DIY tips if you want to create your own.

Wall Of Life In The Bathroom
Wall of Life in the bathroom

Mosses and ferns are popular plants for these installations, but there are many other sorts of plants that can work thrive in damp bathrooms.

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