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What does ISO mean on Facebook?

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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What does ISO mean on Facebook

What does ISO mean on Facebook? Social media has developed its own universe in which individuals share their emotions, travels, and other experiences with their friends/followers.

Many people have noted the different acronyms/abbreviations that have appeared throughout the years. You may already know that BS stands for bullshit, IRL is for real life and many more abbreviations.

Some abbreviations must be stated since they may overlap with others. When we post on social media, we frequently utilise acronyms that not everyone is familiar with. This article focuses on one such abbreviation – ISO. So, if you want to utilise it on Facebook, read on to find out what it implies. What does iso stand for on facebook?

What does ISO mean on Facebook?

The context determines the meaning of an acronym/abbreviation.

On Facebook, ISO stands for “in search of.”

Using ISO on a photographer’s website refers to the film speed of a camera; ‘ISO’ in computer jargon refers to an optical disc image file. ISO is an abbreviation for the International Organization for Standardization.

When it comes to context, an acronym may signify a variety of things. Aside from Facebook, ISO is commonly used on Craigslist, Instagram, Twitter, and other classified listing sites. This is done by individuals that are interested in purchasing something. It may be anything — a used phone, a toaster, computer software, and so on.


Person ‘A’ can post on a Facebook group, “Just misplaced my phone.!” “ISO low-cost, second-hand phones.”


Now it seems that you know what ISO signifies on Facebook, you may use it whenever you need it. WTB (want to purchase) and LTB (in search of) are also synonyms for ISO (in search of) (looking to buy).

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