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How to Check WiFi Signal Strength on iPhone or iPad?

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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How to Check WiFi Signal Strength on iPhone or iPad?

How to Check WiFi Signal Strength on iPhone or iPad? Want to check the strength of a wireless network’s wi-fi signal from your iPhone or iPad? That’s simple enough, and you will have two quick and easy ways to see the wi-fi signal strength of a presently active wireless network directly from iOS, as well as the signal strength of many other nearby networks.

The first option is quite obvious: the device status bar is now at top of an iOS device screen, which displays the presently connected and active wi-fi signal strength. The second alternative is to use the iOS Settings app, which may display not just the presently connected wireless network’s wi-fi signal strength, but also the strength of other neighbouring networks’ wi-fi signal.

How to Check WiFi Signal Strength on iPhone or iPad?

As previously said, the presently active Wi-Fi signal strength has always been displayed on the top status bar of an iPhone or iPad, and this is the first place you should go if you want to verify the signal of an active current wireless network from an iOS device.

Three bars is considered an excellent signal, two bars is considered acceptable, and one bar is considered a very weak or terrible wi-fi signal that may have problems sending or receiving data.

How to View Other Wi-Fi Networks Signal Strength in iOS?

You can also check the strength of other local wifi networks straight from the Settings app:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, launch the “Settings” app.
  2. Navigate to “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Find the identity of the Wi-Fi network or wireless router for which you want to verify the signal strength in the Wi-Fi network list.
  4. Look for the small wi-fi signal indication next to the wi-fi network name, which can be generalised as follows:
    • Three bars indicate a strong wi-fi signal.
    • Two bars indicate a good wi-fi signal.
    • One bar indicates a weak wi-fi signal.

A wi-fi signal can be good or terrible for a variety of reasons, but the two key variables for wi-fi signal strength are typically distance from the access point and signal interference. In most cases, the stronger the signal, the closer you are to the wi-fi router or access point. Likewise, the less interference there is, the better the signal. Some types of walls, as well as other metals and machines, can have an effect on a wireless signal.

The great news is that just because you’re testing the wi-fi signal on an iPhone or iPad, the device itself was very mobile, and merely moving around or repositioning the device may make a significant change in signal strength.

If you have any more useful tips or tactics for monitoring wi-fi signal strength and connections on iPhone or iPad, please share them in the comments!

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