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Google Play Store will take three days for approving apps

Google Play Store

Google Play Store will take three days for approving apps. Now Google Play Store will take three days for approving apps from *untrusted* developers. Google Play Store developer support has recently confirmed that all new Android apps now require approval for at least three days in order to restrict and even ban malicious app developers from their platform.

Google Play Store will take three days for approving apps

Google is informing app developers about the new rules by saying, “We will take more time to review your app thoroughly to help better protect our users. Learn More (link to a support page for Google).”

The Google support team explained the review process to a developer:

“There is, unfortunately, no escalation path, and nothing can be done to speed up the review process. I understand your frustration completely and I’d love to help you get your app approved right away, but there’s nothing I or my team can do.”

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Developers might not like the longer review period, and the new guidelines make it more difficult for them to support the precise start date of a new app or an app update. But if it prevents malicious apps from being installed from the Google Play Store, from the point of view of an Android user, it will well be worth it.

The fact that Google Android malware has frequently been under the spotlight over the last few weeks is worth mentioning here. Security researchers at Trend Micro recently revealed that 85 adware-ridden apps were hosted by the Google Play Store. Worse yet, more than 8 million downloads were netted by these applications.

Meanwhile, a support page for Google now states:

“Developers will receive a notification on the Dashboard of their app as to how long it should take. We recommend that developers adapt their planning to include a buffer period of at least three days between the application being submitted and going live.”

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Another fact worth mentioning here is that on Google Play Store, the tech giant has recently updated its policy and banned several applications including cryptocurrency mining apps.

The new restricted list on Google Play Store also includes apps that “appeal to children but contain adult themes,” apps that impersonate people and lead to some fraudulent act and apps that force users to click ads or submit personal information for ads before the full application is granted.

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