Hamptons Style Interior Design Ideas

Hamptons Style Interior Design

Hamptons Style Interior Design Ideas. The famous Hampton Beach design blends the finest of traditional and rustic home décor. No matter how far you’re living from the water, you can reproduce the same light, airy, and natural appearance and feel in your house. We devised some interior design ideas to make your home seem more like a beach cottage all year.

The charm of the Northeastern coast is captured through soft, white linen and airy rooms. That’s exactly what one recent client desired for her Hamptons property. She was looking for stunning beach-inspired rooms that flowed from one to the next. So Decorilla’s team produced a Hampton’s home design ideal for relaxing family vacations. Continue reading to see the amazing transformation!

Hamptons Style Interior Design

Although the scenery was spectacular, the inside required some attention. To begin with, the previous owners’ lounge arrangement obstructed sunlight and bay seats. Aside from these considerations, the designers had to deal with the following issues:

  • Design a Hamptons living room design that meets the demands of a young family, such as quality material and a functional arrangement.
  • Make certain that the seaside interior design is colourful and new.
  • Avoid flowers and flowery designs and keep to a neutral coastal theme with contemporary elements.
  • Create a visually appealing area by including a television over the fireplace.

Hamptons Style Interior Design Ideas

The Hamptons, located on Long Island’s far east shore, is a summer sanctuary that so many New Yorkers and east coasters consider to be their ideal summer retreat. Not only do these exquisite abodes provide breathtaking ocean views and numerous days of drinking iced tea just on the porch in lovely summer breezes, but they also have a collective fashion of interior design that rivals South Beach and Catalina.

Here are 10 ideas to transform your home into a beautiful Hamptons-style beach hideaway:

1. Hamptons Bedroom Decor Style

Because your bedroom is just where you spend most of your time at home, make it as nice and comfy as possible. Replace your bedding with a simple white cotton down comforter as well as plenty of fluffy pillows. Linen is also a great fabric for a seaside cottage.

Hamptons Bedroom Decor Style

Decorating the area with seaside-inspired decorations such as coral, buoys, anchors, or even a captain’s wheel helps to connect the beach motif together.

2. Hamptons Living Room Design Style

The Hampton’s interior decoration is all about reflecting the environment of the beautiful oceanside panorama peeking inside your vacation house. What better spot to show off your beechwood coffee table or wood-stained side tables?

Hamptons Living Room Design Style

The living room of a Hamptons-style beach home is distinguished by its calm, tranquil appearance. Replace your couch or cushion coverings with light, neutral-coloured cotton. Classic nautical patterns and hues like navy would give your property a polished, summer estate atmosphere.

3. Hamptons Dining Room Style

An exquisite, yet simple, dining area serves as the focal point of a Hamptons-style beach house. Choose an old table with a white finish and integrate the aged effect of driftwood. Keep things clean and breezy, and don’t go overboard with the decorations.

Hamptons Dining Room Style

4. Hamptons Style Kitchen Design

Use white marble on the countertop instead of other stones like granite to give the heart of your home, the kitchen, a sophisticated beach house feel. Keep fresh lemons and fine sea salt on hand for both decoration and supplies for spontaneous lobster bakes!

Hamptons Style Kitchen Design

5. Hamptons Style Laundry Design

There’s a lot to like about laundry that leaves you stranded. A Hamptons wash area is gorgeous, family-centred, and pleasant, evoking the American dream of summering in a luxurious coastal sanctuary. This traditional beach theme blends nicely with our carefree, outdoorsy lifestyle and preference for airy, light-filled homes in Australia.

This American East Coast style is defined by its airiness and lightness. Use skylights, solar lights, and large windows to let in as much natural light as possible. With hues of white and light grey, the palette is clean and cold, reflecting the sunshine.

Hamptons Style Laundry Design

Shaker-profile cabinetry (try Kaboodle’Alpine’ profile) is at the heart of Hamptons design, which sits between modern and classic. The aesthetic is kept simple and bright with elegant chrome door hardware and tapware, as well as glass pendant lighting.

Marble is a Hamptons classic because it is cool, peaceful, and full of intrigue. Make it work as wall tiles in a rough-and-tumble environment, or use long-lasting materials with a genuine marble look, such as laminated granite counters or vinyl tiles.

6. Hamptons Style Bathroom Design

The bathroom design is an important aspect of any Hamptons-style beach property. Incorporate classic blue and mosaic tiles to give it a seashore atmosphere. Soothing candles and businesses selling exquisite bath items can help you unwind after a day of sunbathing on the beach.

Hamptons Style Bathroom Design

Colours have a significant role in the decor. Summer Hamptons living is all about simplicity, with flashes of cool colour and a hint of vivid, warm tones. With pristine whites and splashes of colour like Tiffany blue, it’s critical to keep the room streamlined and uncomplicated.

7. Hamptons Lights and Lighting Styles

One of the most crucial components of a Hampton-style home is good lighting. Natural, gentle lighting and lighted candles go a long time way toward creating a peaceful environment. Allow natural light from large windows to provide the most of your illumination.

Hamptons Lights and Lighting Styles

8. Hamptons Style Decor Curtains

The distinguishing components of a Hamptons-style beach house are sunlight, a summer breeze, and nature. Use linen curtains in a light hue. These really are thick enough to screen the sun’s rays yet contain loose weaving that allows some light to get through.

Hamptons Style Decor Curtains

9. Hamptons Patio & Outdoor Design Style

Don’t worry if you can’t see the sea from your balcony; you can still use it to relax with a beverage. A sleek patio set, strategically placed potted plants and a well-curated outdoor bar cart will help your deck feel like the ideal spot to unwind. Make sure there’s plenty of room for guests!

Hamptons Patio & Outdoor

Replace black mulch with clean white stones that look like beach sand outside. Beautiful green plants are a trendy alternative to vibrant flowers and will provide a clean, minimalist touch to your decor. To get the ultimate Hamptons aesthetic, keep everything clean, clipped, and sleek.

10. Hamptons Decor Floors and Rugs

Lightly coloured, classically fashioned ancient carpets in peach and blue offer an exquisite and relaxing effect to Hamptons seaside mansions while also providing a layer of luxury for bare feet. Consider shabby chic designs to add to your home’s informal, beach-worn vibe. Traditional rug designs add an attractive touch.

Hamptons Decor Floors and Rugs

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