Awkward Living Room Layout with Fireplace

Awkward Living Room Layout with Fireplace

Awkward Living Room Layout with Fireplace. “Convenient” is the antonym of “awkward.” The answer is evident when you ask yourself whether you would prefer to cope with a difficult situation or a convenient one. Cleverness is the polar opposite of awkwardness. When it comes to a small, awkward living room, for example, you might want a clever, convenient, and functional solution to transform it into a location that your family will enjoy. Awkward living room layout with corner fireplace.

Awkward Living Room Layout with Fireplace

Adjustable shelves, cabinetry, and bespoke media centres may help you make the most of a small, inconvenient living room layout while delivering wonderful comfort and beautiful beauty, especially if you’re like our neighbours in North Laurel, MD, where houses tend to be on the cosy side. Awkward living room layout with fireplace. Here’s how to make an odd living room work for you.

Methods to Fixing an Awkward Living Room Layout and Design

You need techniques to leverage the natural form of your room that may work with your existing floor plan and adjust the layout of the room in a way that creates a happier, better comfortable place, whether you have square rooms or L-shaped living rooms. Awkward living room layout with fireplace. The experts have kept coming up with a few amazing options below, categorised by room shape, to assist you to repair your problematic living room layout:

Method 1: Small Square Room (Fixing Awkward Living Room Layout)

A comfortable and visually beautiful living room will be created by two tiny loveseats facing each other and a built-in media centre on one side of the square. Rectangle awkward living room layout ideas.


  1. Smaller bespoke cabinetry can be added to accommodate your television and gaming accessories.
  2. Glass-doored cabinets have a timeless elegance while also giving a secure location to display important decor or memories.
Small Square Living Room

Method 2: The room is long and narrow

Storage is limited in a long, rectangular room with a fireplace at one end. For this type of problematic living room layout with a fireplace or space, a custom-built media centre and shelving can be a tremendous help.


  1. Not only can a bespoke entertainment centre give space for your television and entertainment equipment, but it can also provide storage.
  2. Choose a personalised, adaptable solution that will help you keep your room clutter-free while ensuring that you have access to all of your entertainment demands at all times.
  3. Adjustable shelves can be used to exhibit some of your more ornamental things and living room accessories, such as family photos and heirlooms.
  4. For best effect, use shelving to fill longer, narrower walls with wall space; be sure to install shelves in an area that will easily serve as a central focus for guests.
room is long and narrow

Method 3: A Circle and a Rectangle

If your shape has a rectangle and a smaller region, such as a circle or a square, you can put two sofas next to each other in the rectangular area. This creates a central open space while also balancing the living room.

You can include modest, custom-built cupboards with storage at the far end of the room, where the circular or square portion of space is. Adjustable shelves can go almost anyplace, and hiding them behind your furniture works well in this scheme.


  1. For storing entertainment equipment, custom cabinetry with slide-out cabinets is excellent.
  2. Add a television on the top of your cabinets or install it on the wall above them.
  3. Just inside the cabinetry door, store your living room entertainment selections, and utilise the floating shelves on either side to display simple artwork, a candle, or other decor.
  4. Include movable shelves on the wall right beyond the couches for displaying family and personal portraits.
Circle and a Rectangle Living Room

Method 4: Living Room with an L-Shape

Place the sofa against the wall’s longer “L” section, with an oval or rectangle coffee table in front of it to create an elongated image of the two.

To balance the natural flow of the objects, place a sitting chair or smaller loveseat to the right of the sofa and a side table between the two. Also, to the wall next to your sitting area, install a custom entertainment centre.


  1. Create a focal point in your living area for playing games, watching TV, and sharing videos with family and friends.
  2. Consider installing a built-in media centre across from the couch, with a customized bookshelf in the broader area of the room to house books, periodicals, and the remote, or opt for an L-shaped modular couch that fits the L form.
Living Room with an L-Shape

Method 5: Living Rooms with an Oblong Shape

Oblong-shaped living spaces are most difficult to deal with for many people, but don’t worry—there is hope for this form of the living room as well. Try putting all of your furniture in the centre of the room, surrounded by a huge, designer rug and supplemented by a custom-built media centre to hold the rest of your stuff.

Accent chairs work well in this type of uncomfortable living room layout, especially if you dress them up with patterned pillows and a floor rug that adds just the right pop of colour.


  1. Adjustable corner shelving can be used to provide visual interest and display beautiful sentiments such as collectibles, sculptures, or figurines in any corner or wall of the room.
Living Rooms with an Oblong Shape

Method 6: A Parallel living room to the kitchen

With such a partial wall or an island dividing the two, some living rooms are practically connected to the kitchen. This arrangement is ideal for entertaining visitors. Awkward living room layout with corner fireplace.

In this scenario, dual custom cabinetry units, one in the kitchen and the other in the living room, would be a good option.


  1. For entertaining, the kitchen custom cabinetry can function as a clutter solution by storing snacks, plates, napkins, and cutlery.
  2. Games and entertainment, or any quick-access storage needs, can be accommodated in the living room cabinetry.
  3. Custom cabinetry allows you to hide objects that you don’t need immediately accessible but may need on occasion. Photo albums, travel guides, e-readers, and electronic accessories are examples of this.
  4. Make the most of your corners by using armchair seats to create a relaxing space where you can enjoy the best of both worlds of food and entertainment. To accommodate more visitors, you also can run your sofa lengthwise against a rear wall.
Parallel living room to the kitchen

Method 7: A living room also serves as an office

You can custom design the living room to better equip your living room and home office functions if you’re telecommuting and need not just a living room but also a custom home office. Awkward living room layout with corner fireplace.


  1. A custom-built workstation can be placed on one corner of the wall for working while the other half of the living room is used to entertain in a balanced square or rectangle.
  2. To tuck objects away and lessen overall clutter, add slide-out drawers and internal storage.

Even though your living room is oddly shaped doesn’t imply your layout has to be as well. Custom-designed components ensure that you have the exact solutions you need to construct your perfect arrangement and improve your living room’s overall look and attractiveness.

living room also serves as an office

Finalizing Your Custom-Designed Living Room

When you work with the appropriate custom designer and manufacturer, fixing your uncomfortable living room’s arrangement is easier than it seems. Allow the professionals to assist you in incorporating custom-designed elements such as custom built-in media centres, cabinetry, and shelving to update an elegant look and feel to your space, including possibly adding a custom reach-in cupboard near your living room area for a little additional storage space. Awkward living room layout with corner fireplace.

Your clunky old living room will be gone soon, replaced by a practical, beautifully thought up meeting location where friends and family alike will enjoy spending quality time.

We at Closet America understand the importance of comfort, especially in a room as important as the living room. Schedule a free current stage of development with one of our professionals now if you’re ready to remodel your living room once and for all or install a bespoke closet. Awkward living room layout with fireplace. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about our procedure first, please contact us as soon as possible.

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