Hip Roof House Designs 2023

Hip Roof House Designs

Hip Roof House Designs. Deciding between a slope and a hip roof can be a matter of personal preference as well as practical considerations. Hip roofs are more expensive, but they are also more stable and long-lasting. They provide greater living space below and perform well in places prone to heavy rain or snow as well as areas prone to severe winds. Above are three hip roofing house plans, one level and two levels.

Hip Roof House Designs

The first model is a straightforward two-bedroom home on 1,313 square feet with a living area of 1,119 square feet. In the back, there’s a tiny covered porch that leads to the garden and a large built-in flower box.

Hip Roof House Design

The floor plan is divided into a kitchen with a pantry, dining and living room with just an exit to the porch on one side, a front bedroom, bathroom, utility room with an exit outside the home, and a master bedroom with an exit to the rear porch on the other.

Three-Bedroom Hip Roof House

The second house design strikes a pleasing balance by blending plaster with wood surfaces surrounding the front and back doors, huge windows, and a wonderful half-covered rear porch. This house has a total floor area of 1,323 square feet and a living area of 1,130 square feet.

The three bedrooms and bathrooms are all grouped together around a hallway. Then there’s another corridor that leads to the living area, which has an open kitchen and entrance to the utility room.

Three Bedroom Hip Roof House

Five Bedroom

We’ve included a two-story home with a loft, which is unusual in that it has a hip roof. With its tiny windows with shutters, variously shaped dormers, and a huge, covered side porch, this one has a lot of character. It has a total area of 1,500 square feet, with a living area of 1,280 square feet.

On the ground level, there is a lobby from which one can enter the vast great room, which has an open kitchen place at a single end or goes through a corridor towards the bathroom, a bedroom, the utility room, and the stairs.

Five Bedroom Hip Roof House

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