Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas. For the way we live today, open kitchen-dining-living space provides a lot of flexibility. It’s not always easy to come up with a suitable open-plan kitchen design. Designing a place that readily merges with the living area, especially in apartments and smaller homes, needs talent. Zoning, sound management, and a consistent decorative style are all important considerations. Small open plan kitchen living room ideas. Open-concept kitchen and living room.

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Ideas

Open-plan living has been ingrained in our culture. From a home office in a living room to a kitchen diner, these areas should be well-designed and able to take advantage of the greatest features of the entire room. Each room will appear independent yet seamless thanks to clever design and styling. Does it appear to be difficult? Fear not: we’ve gathered a list of our favourite open-plan kitchen ideas to help you make the most of your space. Open plan kitchen dining living.

Open Plan kitchen ideas

1. Create a chill-out zone

Furniture arrangement is a simple method to divide up a large space. Create a comfortable snug area within a bigger space by using corner seating or modular units, with the back of the sofa acting as a room divider. Changing the flooring will also help to create a visual break. So, to act as an anchor point in a seating area, bring in a large rug.

Create a chill-out zone

2. Enjoy quiet time

No one wants to shout over the hum of a spin cycle, so choose low-noise appliances for open-plan kitchens whether buying a washing machine, dishwasher, or extractor fan. Alternatively, if space allows, create a separate tiny utility room idea or purpose-built cupboard to hide appliances.

Also, look for quiet appliances,’ advises Amy Cutmore of Ideal Home. ‘With space-age insulation and inverter motors, today’s washing machines don’t sound like a jet plane taking off in your kitchen. However, some are more silent than others. In an open-plan setup, a maximum spin noise level of roughly 70dB will provide calm.

Enjoy quiet time

3. Section off an area

When a large number of family members share the same place at the same time, noise can become an issue. A separate location, such as a snug or TV room, is a wonderful option because it can be closed off when you need some quiet time. Spaces can be closed off or opened up as needed with the use of glazed walls, sliding panels, or slatted screens.

Glass Screen Partition

4. Create break-away spaces

While open-plan spaces are ideal for family time, they might be difficult to escape to for some alone time. ‘Open-plan looks nice in magazines and on TV, but you’re all in one place, with noise, cooking odours, and everything else going on,’ explains property consultant Kunle Barker. ‘The goal is to create a room that can be divided into distinct zones with the use of a barrier, such as sliding pocket doors or barn doors.’

Create break-away spaces

5. Arrange furniture strategically

‘We love open-plan for the sense of openness, but when you remove a wall, you lose space to put things on or against,’ explains property expert Kunle Barker. ‘You end up with bookcases, TVs, sofas, and radiators vying for space on the interior walls.’ As a result, dividing things up and moving furniture away from the walls to separate the room helps to calm things down.’

Open Plan Living Room

6. Choose coordinating colours

Maintain a consistent colour palette throughout open-plan spaces to create a sense of fluidity and harmony. Create ‘breakout’ areas with a painted panel, highlight wallpaper design, or statement rug, but be sure to select a colour or material that will tie the spaces together. ‘In an open-plan room, I always strive to repeat components to “sew” the environment together,’ explains interior designer Clare Pascoe of Pascoe Interiors.

Open Plan Kitchen and Living Room

7. Use lighting to highlight different areas

In an open-plan room, a proper lighting strategy is essential for creating separate zones. Consider a mix of prep and entertaining kitchen lighting, as well as a separate rest area with dimmable lighting. Property expert Kunle Barker adds, ‘Lighting needs to be flexible.’ ‘It’s not just a case of installing 20 spotlights and calling it a day.’ When we talk about color and how to outfit a room, we forget that lighting has a huge impact. So you can simply change the mood, you need as many options as possible – spots, pendants, table lights, and floor lamps.’

8. Position a kitchen island in a prime spot

A freestanding kitchen island is an excellent method to split a huge space and create a separation between separate zones. Place an island in such a way that it directs traffic away from kitchen hotspots like the stove and oven and toward seating places.

Open Kitchen for Living Room

9. Create a room divider to calm a busy space

Open-plan layouts provide more room, increase light levels, and are ideal for family time, but they might feel a little hectic at times because everyone is sharing the same space. Bring in a room divider, whether it’s a purpose-built partition or a free-standing shelf unit, to create a discreet divide between two areas in an open-plan space.

Living Room Partition

10. Tie an L-shaped space together with metallic flourishes

To create an L-shaped open-plan space, the owners had the reception room knocked through to the kitchen. The new layout allows for extra storage and countertop space while also bringing more light into the room. Add splashes of colour to bind the two spaces together so the kitchen doesn’t feel alone around the corner. All of the metalwork in the area, including the light fixtures and breakfast bar stools, has been highlighted in rose gold by the owners.

Open Plan Kitchen

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