How to Check iPhone 15 Battery Cycle Count?

How to Check iPhone 15 Battery Cycle Count

How to Check iPhone 15 Battery Cycle Count? Apple has made it easy to monitor the number of completed battery cycles on all iPhone 15 models, which is a useful metric for determining your device’s battery state.

Previously, there was no way to find out an iPhone’s battery cycle count in Apple’s mobile operating system, forcing curious users to rely on unofficial methods (via third-party apps like CoconutBattery, for example) or copy-pasting analytics into Notes as well as searching for “last_value_CycleCount.”

While the “Maximum Capacity” percentage (Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health & Charging) has been used to measure iPhone battery health for some years, a charge count is a handy supplementary indicator to determine battery health. Every time you drain the whole capacity of the battery, which diminishes over time, a charge cycle is recorded.

How to Check iPhone 15 Battery Cycle Count?

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Select General > About.
  3. Scroll down to “Battery” and look at the number next to Cycle Count.

You may also set a hard 80% limit on battery charging on the iPhone 15, which can boost battery lifespan by lowering the time the battery is fully charged. To discover how, please see our dedicated how-to article.

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