How to Customize the Action Button on your iPhone 15 Pro Max?

How to Customize the Action Button on your iPhone 15 Pro Max

How to Customize the Action Button on your iPhone 15 Pro Max? iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max replace the Ring/Silent switch with an Action button. You can choose which function the Action icon will execute when pressed. Because the button is so easily accessible, it is beneficial for frequently executed tasks. (The location of the Action icon is depicted in the image below.) It is simple to modify the action if you decide to use it for a different purpose.

Above the volume controls on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max is a new programmable Action button that replaces the traditional Ring/Silent switch. Continue reading to discover what the Action icon can do and how to customize it.

On Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro models, the all-new Action button replaces the traditional iPhone switch that activates Ring and Silent. By default, the new button still activates these two functions with a long press, but you can also configure a long press to activate a variety of other functions, such as rapidly accessing the camera or flashlight, Focus modes, translation, Voice Memos, and accessibility features such as Magnifier. You can also associate it with specific Shortcuts, which opens up a plethora of additional possibilities.

How to Customize the Action Button on your iPhone 15 Pro Max?

If you want to change the default Ring/Silent behaviour of the Action icon in iOS 17, here’s how. To peruse the options, navigate to Settings -> Action Button and swipe left and right.

If a specified action has additional options, two chevrons will appear below the action. To view the list of options, tap them. Here is a comprehensive inventory of customizable features:

  1. The floodlight button is located on the rear of the device.
  2. Take a photo (the default), a selfie, a video, a portrait, or a portrait selfie with the camera.
  3. Focus: Enable or disable the Focus mode (the default is Do Not Disturb).
  4. Voice Memos: Use the Voice Memos app to start or end recording a voice memo.
  5. Open your preferred app or execute a shortcut created in or downloaded from the Shortcuts app, such as sending a message, playing a playlist, or managing smart home devices.
  6. Magnifier: Activate the Magnifier application to magnify tiny text or objects using the iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass.
  7. Access to multiple Vision parameters (Classic Invert, Color Filters, Increase Contrast, Detection Mode, Reduce Motion, Reduce White Point, Smart Invert, Reduce Transparency, VoiceOver, and Zoom) Motor settings (Switch Control, Voice Control, Full Keyboard Access, AssistiveTouch, Apple Watch Mirroring, and Control Nearby Devices), Hearing settings (Background Sounds, Left/Right Balance, and Live Captions), and General settings (Guided Access and Live Speech) are accessible via the Settings app.
  8. Silent Mode: Similar to the Ring/Silent switch on extant iPhone models, toggle silent mode on or off to mute or unmute the ringer and notifications.
  9. No activity.

For the Shortcuts and Accessibility actions, you must tap the blue icon below the action and choose a specific option.

Note: Coming later in 2023 is an additional Action button setting to activate the Translate app and start a conversation or text translation.


Every extended press of the Action button in the Dynamic Island is accompanied by finely-tuned haptic feedback and visual cues, ensuring that it initiates the intended action. In the meantime, a standard short press confirms whichever setting you have configured it to regulate.

The basic iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models keep the traditional Ring/Silent switch, making the “Action” button one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, as well as a feature that distinguishes the new models from their predecessors.

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