How to Make Fabric in Little Alchemy?

How to Make Fabric in Little Alchemy?

How to Make Fabric in Little Alchemy? Welcome to our Little Alchemy Cheats Guide on Fabric in Little Alchemy. Every process of producing Fabric from the four foundation elements is shown just below. No more browsing around websites or scrolling to get what you want right now, how innovative is that?

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Fabric is made in 16 phases from start to finish. If you’re just starting started with Little Alchemy, you may start at Step 1. You can take up where you left off in your Little Alchemy adventure if you’ve already manufactured some of the products in these steps.

  1. Air and Water = Rain
  2. Earth and Rain = Plant
  3. Water and Earth = Mud
  4. Plant and Mud = Swamp
  5. Air and Fire = Energy
  6. Swamp and Energy = Life
  7. Earth and Life = Human
  8. Earth and Fire = Lava
  9. Air and Lava = Stone
  10. Fire and Stone = Metal
  11. Human and Metal = Tool
  12. Fire and Water = Steam
  13. Air and Steam = Cloud
  14. Cloud and Plant = Cotton
  15. Cotton and Tool = Thread
  16. Tool and Thread = Fabric

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How to make Fabric in Little Alchemy

Assuming you’re already in the game, here’s what you should do:

Step 1: From the Elements panel, drag TOOL onto the playing board.

Step 2: From the Elements panel, drag THREAD and drop it on the TOOL that you have put on the playing board.

Congratulations, you have finished all of the comprehensive instructions for How to Make Fabric in Little Alchemy.

Now that you’ve manufactured Fabric in Little Alchemy, you might want to check out the link below (if we’ve gotten to it) to see what Fabric is used to extend your item set:

In Little Alchemy, how do you produce a bandage?

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