How to Manually Charge a Laptop Battery?

How to Manually Charge a Laptop Battery

How to Manually Charge a Laptop Battery? Do you know how to manually charge a laptop battery? If you don’t, we’ll show you how to do it right here in this guide. Whatever precautions you take, there will be instances when you need to charge the battery in your laptop but do not have your charger with you.

You may believe that carrying a pair of laptop batteries with you wherever you go is the simplest answer. This appears to be a wonderful idea until you consider how pricey replacement laptop batteries are. If you have a spare battery but do not keep it charged, it will most likely be nearly flat when you try to use it.

How to Manually Charge a Laptop Battery?

So, in this article, we will demonstrate a few different methods for manually charging your battery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many various alternatives you have for manually charging your laptop battery.

Method #1. External Battery Charger

External Battery Charger
External Battery Charger

Using a safe external battery charger for your laptop battery is preferable to using a universal power converter. However, you will not be directly putting an external battery charger into your laptop.

Instead, you will take the battery from your laptop and attach it to the external charger. Next, connect the external battery charger to a power outlet and wait for your laptop battery to be fully charged. You can then replace the battery in your laptop and use it regularly.

Method #2. Charge Laptop With a USB

Charge Laptop With a USB

Your laptop most likely has several USB ports. You must understand that there are many USB ports and that you cannot use all of them to charge your laptop. For example, if your laptop has type A USB ports, you will not be able to charge anything from them. They can only emit electricity and cannot receive it from another device.

Many recent computers contain USB type B and C connections. This is fantastic news because you can utilise these ports to power your laptop. Check to verify if your laptop has any USB ports. Because it accepts power, if it has type B or C, you can connect it to another device and charge your laptop.

Nowadays, type C USB ports are found on the majority of smartphones and tablets. So, if the battery in your mobile device is fully charged, you may connect it to your laptop via the proper cable, and it will offer enough power for you to continue using your laptop.

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Method #3. Universal Power Adapter

Universal Power Adapter

When you don’t have your original laptop charger, a universal power adapter would most likely suffice for the time being. However, you should be aware that it is not ideal because a universal power adapter has not been specifically built for laptop charging.

We do not advocate using a universal adapter unless absolutely necessary because it may cause damage to your laptop. Instead, use the original laptop charger that came with your laptop, which is specifically built for the purpose. It will charge you at a fully safe pace.

Whereas universal power adapters are widely available, they are not a direct substitute for your original charger. Instead, you should determine the requirements of your original laptop charger and then locate the closest universal power adapter to it. Do not simply purchase any universal power adapter and connect it to your laptop.

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Method #4. Power Bank to Charge Your Laptop

Power Bank to Charge Your Laptop

There are numerous power bank solutions available these days. A power bank is a device with its own batteries that may be used to charge laptops, cellphones, tablets, and other rechargeable devices.

To utilise a power bank, your laptop must have a type C USB connector that can accept electricity. It is an excellent plan to fully charge your power bank at home or in the office before taking your laptop out.

Method #5. Solar Charging Kit to Charge Your Laptop

Solar Charging Kit to Charge Your Laptop

There are now solar-powered charging kits available. If you’re going to be outside and away from a power outlet, this is an excellent solution. They are made up of solar panels that fold out and use the sun’s energy to power your laptop.

Having a solar-powered power bank is a highly environmentally responsible thing to do. There are no batteries to dispose of, and the solar panels will perform quite well if they are placed in direct sunshine. Furthermore, as more individuals choose solar charging kits, their prices are decreasing. So this is a wonderful moment to purchase one.


The goal of this article was to provide a solution to the query “How to charge a laptop battery manually?” We’ve shown you a few different approaches. To charge another item through USB, your laptop must have type B or C USB ports. A type-A USB port will not supply electricity to your laptop.

As a final resort, use a universal power adaptor. They are not intended to charge laptops and may charge at an excessively fast rate. If you are not careful, a universal power adapter can cause damage to your laptop. Always opt for a universal power adapter that is near the specs of your original charger.

When you have an external battery charger, charging your laptop battery manually should be a safe option. However, you must ensure that the charger will not damage your battery. Some laptops contain a port for plugging in an AC adaptor.

Many people nowadays utilise power banks to effectively charge their laptop batteries. You can do this, but make sure the power bank is completely charged before leaving the house. Solar charging kits are an excellent and environmentally friendly solution. Use the sun’s natural electricity to charge your laptop battery.

Please exercise caution when physically charging your laptop battery. When charging your lithium battery, keep it covered. Never leave your laptop battery in direct sunlight, as it may explode. When connecting your battery to charge it, please make sure you get it right because getting it wrong can also result in an explosion.

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