How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts?

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts? Recover your lost memories and save them. This article discusses some methods for restoring deleted Facebook posts, despite the fact that deleting Facebook material deletes it from your device, app, and Facebook servers.

If you are a frequent Facebook user, you have probably shared hundreds of text, photo, and video posts on your page. There’s also a chance you removed a few postings by accident and later regretted it. If this happens frequently to you, this post may reduce some of your stress.

Both Facebook and Instagram, which are owned by the same business, include a function that allows you to restore deleted content. We previously discussed retrieving deleted photographs and videos on Instagram, and today we will do the same for Facebook.

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Can You Restore Deleted Facebook Profile Posts?

Yes, you can now retrieve deleted Facebook profile posts in a few simple steps. However, there are a few factors to keep in mind before attempting to retrieve deleted profile posts.

Facebook does not allow you to restore deleted posts older than 30 days. You cannot recover a deleted post that was deleted more than 30 days ago.

You can only recover deleted posts that were deleted within the last 30 days. After 30 days, the posts are permanently removed and cannot be restored.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts?

When you remove a post using the Facebook mobile app’s Manage Activity feature, you can recover it for up to 30 days. However, deleting a post straight from your newsfeed will not work. This feature is currently only available on the Facebook mobile app.

Here’s how to delete and then recover a post using Manage Activity.

  1. On the Facebook mobile app, go to your profile page and tap More (three dots).
  2. Select Activity Log.
  3. Select Manage Activity.
  4. Select Your Posts.
  5. To delete a post, pick it with your finger, then tap Trash.
  6. Select Move to Trash. Your post has been removed from your timeline and archived in Manage Activity.
  7. To recover the deleted post, go to More > Activity Log and then hit Trash from the top menu.
  8. Manage Activity will show you any posts that have been deleted in the last 30 days. Tap Restore after selecting a post to recover.
  9. To confirm, select Restore. Your timeline has been updated with the restored post.

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In conclusion, while recovering deleted Facebook posts isn’t always certain, several strategies can help. Utilizing the “Activity Log,” reviewing email notifications, seeking assistance from friends, exploring third-party recovery tools, or contacting Facebook support are viable options. Acting promptly after deletion increases the chances of successful retrieval. Regularly backing up important posts is a wise practice to mitigate potential loss in the future.

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