How to Remove Music Player from Lock Screen ios 15?

How to Remove Music Player from Lock Screen ios 15

How to Remove Music Player from Lock Screen ios 15? Even when the screen is locked, the music widget on the iPhone displays the currently playing track, voice, or video. While this is typical, it can be annoying when it doesn’t close — even if you’ve tried to remove it — because you can wind up accidentally hitting the bold play button in a conference or anywhere you shouldn’t be playing music.

So, how do you remove the music widget from the iPhone lock screen? Continue reading to discover.

How to Remove Music Player from Lock Screen ios 15?

With the music player widget on iOS 15, you can play, pause, and adjust the volume without unlocking your iPhone. However, it continues to appear even when you are listening to music, which might be irritating. If you are experiencing the same problem, continue reading to learn how to remove the music player from your iPhone’s lock screen. List of 12 Methods to remove music player from the lock screen in iOS 15.

Method #1. Restart your iPhone to Remove the Music Player from Lock Screen

Restarting your iPhone is another desperate tactic you can try if the Music widget does not work. This offers your iPhone a temporary restart. So it works since it removes the widget whether you were streaming a track or not.

Method #2. Force close the music app

If a music app is operating in the background, whether or not you are playing a song, a music player widget may display on the lock screen. Then, to remove the music app from the lock screen, force close it.

  1. Launch the music app in iOS 15, then return to the home screen.
  2. Swipe towards the bottom of the screen and pause in the centre to see all recent apps. (On an iPhone 8 or older model, double-click the “Home” button to see all recent apps.)
  3. Swipe left or right to find the music app, then swipe up to force close it.
  4. Then, lock your iPhone to test if the music player is still visible on your lock screen.

Method #3. Disconnect your iOS 15 from your Bluetooth device

If you connect your iPhone to a Bluetooth device, the music player may appear on the lock screen. You can disconnect the smartphone from iOS 15 by following these instructions.

  1. Select “Bluetooth” from the “Settings” menu.
  2. Tap the “i” icon next to the connected device and then “Disconnect.”

Method #4. Remove music app from iPhone widgets

If you’ve added the music app to your iPhone widgets, you might try removing it to see if the music player still appears when the iOS 15 screen is locked.

  1. From the iPhone’s home screen, swipe right and tap the bottom of the screen.
  2. Find the “Edit” button and hit it to open the iPhone widgets administration windows. Take the music app off the list.

Method #5. Disable Apple music suggestion in Siri & Search

Siri provides lock screen suggestions based on what you listen to. You may disable the suggestion to remove Apple Music from the lock screen.

  1. On iOS 15, go to “Settings” and then “Sir & Search.”
  2. Uncheck “Show When Listening” in the “Siri & Search” pane.
  3. Go to the app that you frequently use to listen to music and turn off “Suggestion Notifications.”

Method #6. Uncheck “Screen” and “Banners” in Alerts

You can also try to disable music app notifications by following these steps:

  1. Select “Notifications” from the “Settings” menu.
  2. Swipe over to the music app and tap it.
  3. Uncheck “Lock Screen” and “Banners” in the “Alerts” section.
  4. Reboot your iPhone to see if the problem has been resolved.

Method #7. Hard reset your iPhone to Remove Music Player from Lock Screen

If the music app remains on the lock screen, it is recommended that you hard reset your iOS 15 iPhone.

  1. Press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons simultaneously.
  2. Press and hold the side button until the screen blacks out and the Apple logo appears.

This method is suitable for iPhone 14 Pro Max, 13, 12, 11, X, and 8; to hard reset iPhone 7/7 Plus, simultaneously press and hold the side button and the volume down button until the Apple logo appears; to hard reset iPhone 6S Plus, simultaneously press and hold the home/Touch ID button and the side/top button until the Apple logo appears.

Method #8. Reset all settings of your iOS 15 iPhone

If a hard reset does not work, you can try restoring all settings on your iPhone to factory defaults, which will not erase any data on your iPhone.

  1. Open “Settings” and navigate to “General.”
  2. Scroll to the bottom and select “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”
  3. Select “Reset All Settings” and confirm the action.

Method #9. Delete the music app and reinstall it on iPhone

If you’ve tried all of the above techniques and the music app still appears on the lock screen, the problem could be with the app itself. As a result, you can uninstall and reinstall it.

  1. Find a music app, such as Apple Music on iOS 15.
  2. Tap “Remove App” after long-pressing the app icon.
  3. Select “Delete App” to confirm the action.
  4. Return to the App Store and reinstall the previously uninstalled music app.

Method #10. Restore your iPhone with iTunes

To resolve the issue, you can restore your iPhone as new using iTunes. However, this process will delete all existing data on your iPhone, including photos, music, videos, and so on. As a result, it is strongly advised that you backup your iPhone data to a secure location such as a computer before restoring it.

  1. Using a USB cord, connect your iOS 15 iPhone to your computer.
  2. Launch the iTunes programme on your PC and select “Device”.
  3. Select “Summary” and then “Restore.”
  4. To confirm the procedure, press the “Restore” button.
  5. You can restore your necessary data after restoring your iPhone as new.

Method #11. Update iOS to Remove Music Player from Lock Screen

The Music widget’s persistence could be a bug. Many consumers saw this after failing to update their iOS version. Because iOS upgrades typically include bug fixes, updating your iOS version may result in the removal of the Music widget from the lock screen.

Method #12. Disable Siri suggestions for the app

When you let it, Siri learns from your iPhone’s apps to recommend content to you. It does this occasionally by triggering advertisements for the app as well. As a result, deleting Siri’s recommendation for the streaming app displayed in the widget may aid in removing it from the locked screen.

You should also restart your iPhone after deactivating Siri’s app suggestions to prevent the widget from appearing again.

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