How to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook?

How to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook

How to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook? Is your partner becoming increasingly addicted to Facebook? Do you see his eyes light up when he receives Facebook message notifications? Do you believe your partner is cheating on you and dating one of your Facebook friends? Your main concern must now be “how can I check my boyfriend’s Facebook messages?”

You obviously do not want to face your lover because of your suspicion. You also cannot request your boyfriend’s Facebook password in order to read his communications. There is no need to be concerned since we will show you how to view who your boyfriend is contacting on Facebook without his knowing.

Can I see who my boyfriend is messaging on Facebook?

Yes, you may read your boyfriend’s Facebook messages in private. There are numerous solutions available online, but none of them appears to work for you. This is because secretly viewing someone’s Facebook is not as simple as many people believe.

You can, however, genuinely verify who your partner is contacting on Facebook if you know how. Here are all of the different ways to monitor your boyfriend’s Facebook messages without him noticing.

How to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook?

Here is the list of 3 Methods to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook:

Method #1. Resetting Facebook Password to View Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages

When you have access to your boyfriend’s email address, you can reset his Facebook password and read his Facebook messages from your smartphone. Here are the measures to take.

  1. Navigate to the Facebook login page in your web browser. Select the Forgot Password option.
  2. Enter your boyfriend’s email address or phone number to identify his account.
  3. You will be given the option of receiving the password reset code via your boyfriend’s email or phone number. If you have access to his phone, you can select the option to acquire the code by phone.
  4. Reset the password and enter the verification code. Then, using the new password, log into his account and read all of his messages.

Note: You must have access to your boyfriend’s email address or phone number for some time in order to reset the password. Your partner can always change his password once you reset it, so you will have restricted access to his Facebook account.

Method #2. Analyze Your Boyfriend’s Facebook Messages Using Phishing

You may create a phishing webpage that appears just like the Facebook login page. You can send your lover the link to the phishing page and deceive him into entering his Facebook username and password.

When he does, you will receive his Facebook account credentials and will be able to log into his account. After that, you can monitor all of his Facebook conversations and actions as long as he does not detect it and changes his password.

Note: Technical competence is required for designing and deploying a phishing webpage. Furthermore, when you connect into his Facebook account, he will most likely receive an email from Facebook telling him of the new login. As a result, he can detect when someone logs into his account and changes his password.

Method #3. Keylogger can be used to read your boyfriend’s Facebook messages

On your boyfriend’s phone, you can install a professional keylogger app. Every keystroke is recorded by the keylogger app, including what your lover is typing on Facebook. Based on the keylogger programme, it can either send the captured keystrokes to your phone as a log or store them on your boyfriend’s phone for you to inspect. If your partner deletes any texts after they are sent, you can check them using the keylogger programme.

Note: Because you cannot view the received messages, deploying a keylogger is ineffective. Furthermore, you cannot inspect the media files transmitted via Facebook conversations and app activity.


We’ve already discussed how to find out who your partner is chatting with on Facebook. All of the methods we’ve listed work well, and you can pick the one that suits you best.

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