How to Trigger FaceTime Reaction Effects in iOS 17?

How to Trigger FaceTime Reaction Effects in iOS 17

How to Trigger FaceTime Reaction Effects in iOS 17? Apple has included Messages-like reactions to FaceTime in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, which brighten up your video with visual effects. However, rather than using words to activate them, you can use actual hand movements.

How to Trigger FaceTime Reaction Effects in iOS 17?

When on a FaceTime video conversation on an iPhone running iOS 17 or an iPad running iPadOS 17, you can now activate on-screen effects such as hearts, balloons, confetti, fireworks, and more, with the effects flooding the display over the FaceTime window.

You can activate these layer screen effects in FaceTime by long pressing your picture, which brings up a choice of reaction options, or you can go hands-free and activate the same reactions with physical motions. For example, one thumbs up results in a Like, while two thumbs up results in Fireworks. Similarly, one thumb down indicates displeasure, and two thumbs down starts a rainstorm.

New FaceTime Reactions

On a FaceTime video chat, you can execute eight different reactions. They are as follows:

  • Love
  • Like
  • Dislike
  • Balloons
  • Fireworks
  • Confetti
  • Stormy rain
  • Laser beams

Reactions Triggered by Gestures

Here are the physical motions you can use to activate the effects:

  • Heart – Heart emoji
  • Two thumbs up – Fireworks
  • Thumbs up – Thumbs up emoji
  • Two thumbs down – Cloud
  • Peace sign with one hand – Balloons
  • Peace sign with two hands – Confetti
  • “Rock on” sign with two hands – Laser
  • Single thumbs down – Thumbs down emoji

These reactions are available by default in FaceTime, and third-party programs can also use them.

Mac: Trigger FaceTime Reaction Effects

FaceTime effects operate exactly the same on a Mac running macOS Sonoma. In macOS Sonoma, video effects options no longer appear in the Control Centre, but instead have a new home in a dedicated green FaceTime menu bar item that also contains a tiny webcam view and clickable buttons to manually trigger Reactions.

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