How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11?

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11? This tutorial will show you how to disable (and re-enable) mouse acceleration in Windows 11. Disable mouse acceleration to boost in-game accuracy or to perfect your latest artwork. The rate at which your mouse cursor spans the distance on the screen in relation to how far you move the mouse or drag your finger across the touchpad is referred to as mouse acceleration. Windows place mouse acceleration at the middle of the spectrum by default. However, it also allows users to customise it to their specific needs and preferences.

Disabling mouse acceleration is typically most advantageous to users who require precision and minute tracking of mouse movements, such as a graphical interface or gaming fans. Anyone, however, can reduce the speed of their mouse by immediately disabling mouse acceleration on their Windows PC through the settings. How to turn off mouse acceleration windows 11.

What is Mouse Acceleration?

The mouse acceleration feature quickens the movement of your pointer. It allows users to move their pointer fast and cover very much distance with a faster mouse movement than the physical distance covered by the mouse.

Mouse Acceleration

It makes no difference how much distance your mouse travels on the mousepad because this function allows you to regulate the movement of the mouse pointer based on the speed with which you move the mouse. As a result, users can drag the mouse cursor from one corner of the monitor to another without having to move the mouse even an inch on the mouse pad.

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11?

Changing the mouse acceleration in Windows 11 is simple.

  1. In the Windows search box, type Mouse Settings. Choose the appropriate result.
  2. Under the Related settings heading, select Additional mouse settings.
  3. Go to the Pointer Options tab and uncheck the box next to Enhanced pointer precision.
  4. Choose Apply, then OK.

How Do I Enable Mouse Acceleration?

Enabling mouse acceleration is exactly the same as disabling it. To do so, complete the procedures in the preceding section, but instead of unticking the box, tick it.

How Do I Know if Mouse Acceleration is Turn Off in Windows 11?

Mouse acceleration works by altering the rate at which your mouse pointer moves in response to the speed with which you move the mouse. This can be a more intuitive way to browse the desktop, but it can be detrimental to accuracy, particularly in fast-paced games.

If you’re a highly sensitive PC user using a gaming mouse, you might be able to tell if mouse acceleration is on simply by using the mouse on the desktop or while playing your favourite game. However, if you want to be certain, repeat the steps for removing mouse acceleration above and check whether the tick box is checked or not.

Should I Disable Mouse Acceleration?

If you’ve got mouse acceleration enabled and have never noticed whether it is on or off, you shouldn’t be too concerned. However, high-level competitive gamers frequently turn it off, implying that it can impair accuracy. Keeping this in mind, if you play a lot of fast-paced games, particularly first-person shooters, you may want to disable it to ensure that it isn’t making you less precise in-game.

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