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How to turn on Dev Mode Discord?

by Ahsan MuGhaL
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How to turn on Dev Mode Discord

How to turn on Dev Mode Discord? Discord features a developer mode, did you know? Yes, you read that correctly. Discord’s developer mode allows you to access additional functionality such as server, channel, and message channel IDs. Follow the instructions below to enable developer mode on Discord, whether you are a bot developer or just interested in the feature.

Discord provides a tonne of tools for gamers and community builders, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, you’ll have to add a bot. If you’re a bot developer, you should first enable Discord’s developer mode.

Developer mode allows you to see additional information in the Discord client, such as your server’s channel and message IDs. If you’re creating a bot to watch and post in a specific channel, for example, you’ll need this information to guide the bot.

What is Developer Mode on Discord?

Discord offers a developer mode that allows developers to have access to additional functionality in the chat software. Aimed at bot makers, the mode activates a new context menu option that allows you to effortlessly capture the IDs of servers, channels, server members, and even messages. These IDs will be useful for configuring your Discord bot. Developer mode is also required for developers who wish to integrate their service into the rich presence displayed as activity status.

How to Turn on Dev Mode Discord?

  1. Launch the Discord app and go to the bottom-left corner of the screen to the Settings gear icon.
  2. Next, on Discord’s settings page, click “Advanced” on the left sidebar.
  3. Now, enable developer mode on Discord by turning on the “Developer Mode” toggle. You now have access to all of the popular chat app’s developer-centric features.
  4. You may also use “Application Test Mode” to test out purchases of SKUs associated with your application. It’s worth mentioning, though, that Discord has discontinued the feature that allows businesses to set up retail channels on Discord servers as of March 2022.
  5. Enter your application ID to enter your application into test mode. As previously stated, this feature is anticipated to be discontinued soon.
  6. Once developer mode is enabled, you can copy the IDs of servers, members, channels, and messages. You can copy the ID of a channel or message by right-clicking it, as illustrated in the image below.

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