How to Unlock a Door without a Key?

How to Unlock a Door without a Key

How to Unlock a Door without a Key? Nothing is more aggravating than being locked out of your house, trapped in an unfamiliar room, or unable to access your closet because your key has been misplaced or broken.

Unfortunately, these are some of the unforeseeable incidents, and the only way to potentially get yourself out of such situations is to learn how to unlock your door without a key. This guide discusses some effective strategies.

Pro-Tip to Unlock a Door without a Key

Let’s clear the air before we show you how to enter your home without a key. You Must Not utilise any of the methods described below to break into someone else’s house. While breaking and entering may seem like a minor violation, it is nonetheless a criminal that can land you in jail. Only use these procedures if:

  • You’re opening a door in your own house.
  • You are, of course, assisting someone else in unlocking their door with their consent and, more importantly, in their presence.
  • There is an emergency and no other means to enter the house.

How to Unlock a Door without a Key?

The methods indicated below are unlikely to do serious harm to your door’s locking mechanism, the door itself, or the door’s frame. They will not damage you either.

Method #1: Picking Lock

Tools to Use: Allen wrench and paperclip or bobby pin

Lock picking is similar to how a regular key works. As a result, you must be familiar with the various parts of your lock and how these pieces operate together to unlock the door. In general, this strategy works on any lock.

To begin, take your Allen wrench and place its shorter end into the keyhole’s lower portion. Then, spin the wrench slightly in the direction the key is supposed to turn. You will need to apply some pressure on the wrench to do this.

Insert an unbent paperclip or bobby pin into the keyhole while holding the wrench in place to pick the lock. Lift the paperclip or bobby pin backwards, then upwards. If the door still won’t open, slide the clip or pin in a circular motion while gradually increasing the pressure on the Allen wrench.

Repeat this motion, increasing the amount of pressure each time, until the lock shifts. Maintain the present pressure by sliding the paperclip or bobby pin in a circular motion until the door unlocks.

Method #2: Pushing The Spring Lock

Tools to Use: Credit Card

You can try using a credit card to unlock one of these doors with a spring lock. Choose a low-cost card or one that you don’t mind if it gets shattered or damaged. It is also preferable if the card is bendable.

Begin by inserting the card between the door frame and the lock, then bending it backward to drive the lock into the door. This easy procedure will usually open the door.

But, you may wonder, what if there is no room between the frame and the lock?

So, at any position above the lock, try pushing your card between the door frame and the door. Then, swiftly swipe downward while pulling the card toward the frame, and the door will unlock.

While this may appear to be a simpler method than using an Allen key and a paperclip, keep in mind that it would only work for spring locks; it will not work for deadbolts.

Method #3: Unlock with Improvised Key

Tools to Use: Eyeglass screwdriver or paperclip

Most interior locks, such as those on bedroom & bathroom doors, lock for privacy but are not completely impenetrable. The non-locking side of such a door will usually feature a tiny hole on the knob with a small button buried within that you should push to unlock the door.

To open the door, simply insert a tiny eyeglass screwdriver or an unbent paperclip into the hole and twist it.

A spam key can also be used to open such doors. While it is mostly used to twist open spam, sardines, anchovies, as well as other metal food cans, if you have access to one, you can try using it to unlock your door. Watch this video if you don’t know what a spam key is.

Method #4: Removing Door Knob

Tools to Use: Screwdriver

Remove the doorknob and then dismantle the lock to unlock an interior door with a low-level security doorknob. Check to see if the screws used to secure the doorknob are visible. If so, simply pull them out before disassembling the knob and lock.

If you can’t see any mounting screws, dismantle the knob piece by piece to reveal the mountain screws. Once you’ve located them, take them out to gain access to the locking mechanism. Then, move the lock away from the doorjamb to unlock the door.

If you disassemble the doorknob correctly, you should be able to replace the pieces neatly after you have unlocked the door.

Methods of “Desperation”

While the methods listed above are the simplest, there are situations when none of them will work and you will need to explore a more severe procedure to unlock your door.

For example, if your key becomes stuck in the lock or if a paperclip or bobby pin breaks while you’re trying to use it and you can’t get it out. It’s also possible that the lock has failed and something inside it is causing it to jam.

As the saying goes, “desperate times call for desperate means,” and in each of these cases, a more extreme approach will be required to unlock the door.

However, we must emphasise that none of the approaches listed below should be undertaken without first attempting the procedures listed above. In other words, only utilise the following as a last resort.

Method #5: Remove Hinges

Tools to Use: Flathead screwdriver and rubber mallet

If the lock would not let you in, the hinges will. This approach may appear to be a little complicated, but it is one of the greatest ways to open your door without destroying any part of it.

Simply put your screwdriver between the top or bottom knuckle (depending on where the pinhead is) and the pinhead. Then, using the mallet, tap the screwdriver handle downward so it can wedge. This will loosen the pinhead, allowing the pin to be removed. Take remove the pin and lay it aside.

Repeat the operation with the remaining hinges, being careful not to lose the pins. Push the door open once all of the pins have been removed.

Method #6: Drilling Lock to Unlock a Door without a Key

Tools to Use: Drill, flathead screwdriver, and lubricant

If your lock is jammed but nothing can be done to open it, one option is to drill the lock itself or around it. Before drilling around the lock, make sure to drill the lock first.

Begin by drilling over the keyhole to determine which drill bits are suitable for the material used to construct your lock. After that, oil the bits before you begin drilling and during the procedure.

Finally, slip a screwdriver into the newly drilled hole and pry out the lock’s internal cylinder. This technique will naturally destroy your lock, but it will not affect the door.

If the door still won’t open, you’ll need to drill around the lock. Drill a few crucial locations of the wood to loosen it up before pushing the door open. Drilling a door to remove a jammed lock will almost always necessitate the purchase of a new door.

Method #7: Smashing Door to Unlock a Door without a Key

If you need to open your door quickly and you don’t have access to your tools, kicking it down or ramming into it may be your only alternative.

Some methods, such as kicking down the door, may cause major injury to your foot and may not even get the job done. Ramming will also only function if your body weight is adequate to produce the force needed to drive the door open. Needless to say, if any of these two ways works, your door will be irreparably damaged.


There are various methods for opening your door without a key. However, it is critical that you try the safest methods first, such as using a credit card or a bobby pin, before resorting to extreme tactics like drilling or destroying the door, as most of them would leave your door damaged beyond repair. If everything else fails, try hiring a locksmith.

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