List of technology gadgets to help you survive in the summer

List Of Technology Gadgets To Help You Survive In The Summer

List of technology gadgets to help you survive in the summer. The summer is here, and if you live in some locations, wow, the heat is really coming up. If you are a frequent PC user either at home or the job, especially in a nation where there is no presence of air conditioning, things can get toasty. There’s a variety of helpful gadgets out there to assist you to survive the heat, luckily, and we’ve finished some of the best we’ve been using this summer.

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List of technology gadgets to help you survive in the summer

6 Best Cool Tech Gadgets

1. Air Cooler

Keynice USB desk fan:

Keynice USB Desk Fan

This Keynice USB fan is fully USB powered and comes with an intelligent base that works as a stand as well as a desk clip. It comes in a variety of colors, with 4-inch blades that will help take the edge off the heat of the summer. Price starts from $19 at Amazon.

2. Wearable fan

biukpci USB neckband fan:

Biukpci USB Neckband Fan

Working in the office but often finding yourself leaving your desk fan’s comforting blast? Use this insane USB-charged neckband fan to take the airflow mobile. This wearable fan is the ultimate solution for personal cooling with 13 hours of battery power if you don’t mind looking a bit stupid in the process. Price starts from $18 at Amazon.

3. Laptop Cooler

Havit USB powered laptop cooler:

Havit USB Powered Laptop Cooler

In the summer heat, some laptops can get fairly toasty, particularly thin, strong equipment such as Surface Book 2. Products such as this Havit laptop cooling pad can bring some additional ground clearance and cooling to assist stave off heat throttling. It’s worth noting that if your phone has down-firing fans like the Razer Blade 15, airflow can be harmed by a pad like this. Before you purchase it, make sure you understand where your laptop supporters are! Price starts from $25 at Amazon.

4. Go for swimming

ProCase Waterproof smartphone case:

ProCase Waterproof Smartphone Case

Would you like a dip? Can’t stand five minutes away from your phone? For you, the ProCase is. This universal solution screws off your phone and keeps water from entering when you go for a splash. It even enables the features of contact to function, which means that in the process you can take some rad underwater photos. Price starts from $13 at Amazon.

5. Beverages Cooler

Gourmia Mini Cooler:

Gourmia Mini Cooler

Working on desk PC or playing games can be a thirsty affair and no one likes warm beer. Fortunately, on sale on Amazon, Gourmia has a fairly amazing cooler with storage for up to six containers, free of CFCs and refrigerants. Price starts from $41 at Amazon.

6. Sound and Sunglasses

Bose audio sunglasses:

Bose Audio Sunglasses

If you’re on the market for a couple of stylish sunglasses, why not put in the process some high-quality Bose audio? With Bluetooth connectivity to your smart device, these sunglasses come with speakers for personal sound. The headset supports calls as well as connectivity to the default intelligent assistant for your phone. Price starts from $200 at Amazon.

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Beat the temperature

If I had to advise only a few products on this list, I would go first and foremost to the Keynice USB fan. Not only can you stay cool by having a versatile lightweight fan, but it can also be helpful to cool down your equipment. For example, Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Book laptops have their CPU at the back of the display.

In fact, I picked up a USB fan specifically to maintain the back of my Surface Book 2 cool during gaming to avoid the European heatwave from throttling. Having a fan blowing across your device in hotter environments can assist avoid it from throttling.

There are also some excellent reviews of the Gourmia Mini Cooler on Amazon. If you have room on or near your desk (10-by-7.2-by-11 inches), keeping your beverages refreshingly cool while at arm’s length is a surefire simple way.

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