Bulk Image Downloader Right Click Extension

Bulk Image Downloader Right Click Extension

Bulk Image Downloader Right Click Extension. It is as simple as right-clicking and selecting “Save image” to download images online. However, if you need to download photographs in mass, downloading each one individually can be time-consuming. Furthermore, most major browsers do not include built-in bulk picture downloading. But don’t worry, if you’re using Chrome, you can install a bulk picture downloader Chrome extension to quickly download all the images on a webpage.

Bulk Image Downloader Right Click Extension

Although there are numerous extensions for downloading photographs in a batch, I have chosen three of the best with distinct features for this list so you can make the best decision. Let’s get right to it.

1. Fatkun Batch Download Image

Fatkun provides dependable customisation choices for downloading the perfect photos in bulk. You can download photos in bulk on the current tab or all open tabs. Simply select the tab in which you wish to search for photographs, and it will open a new tab with all of the images on the page loaded.

There are several choices for filtering and downloading photographs here. Images can be sorted and found by size, keywords, and pages. Simply select the photographs you require and click the “Download” button to obtain them all.

Fatkun also includes a slew of customization options in the “Settings” menu. You can, for example, convert WEBP photos to JPG and modify output settings. Surprisingly, this plugin also allows you to bulk download photos from websites that prohibit image downloads. However, you must use the extension settings to download photos from certain websites.

One thing I didn’t like was that the extension downloaded photographs exactly as they were on the page. It does not download images from the source, therefore even if the original image is enormous, a little image will be downloaded as a small image.

2. Imageye – Image downloader

This is a simpler mass picture downloader that I find easier to use owing to its user-friendly layout. Imageye functions directly from the extension button, and when you click it, it loads the photos on the current page in its own interface. The amazing thing about it is that it loads the photographs in all possible sizes on the webpage.

This means you can download photographs in their preview or original sizes. Of course, this means you’ll have to look through a lot more photographs (typically twice as many) to find them.

You can select each image by clicking on it (you can even select all of them) and then click “Download” to download them. It also has a button for filtering photographs by size, URL, or type. Overall, it’s a great addition if you want something simple.

3. Download All Images

Download All Photographs, as the name implies, downloads all of the photographs on a page without even allowing you to select which images to download. Simply clicking on the extension button will download all of the photos on the website and save them in a.zip file. There are no customization options or even the opportunity to view the photographs in the plugin.

I’m sure you’re thinking about how this extension can compete with others. It saves all of the photographs in a zip file, which is substantially lower in size than the original images. Furthermore, because all of the photographs are saved in a single zip file, it does not clog your PC with separate images.

It will also download photographs in both preview and original formats, giving you a range of image sizes. Given its quickness and ease of usage, it’s an excellent expansion. Unwanted photos can be deleted after downloading.


Imageye appeals to me because of its simple UI while still providing the necessary customization options for mass picture downloads. However, if you want even more control or need to download photographs from a restricted website, Funkun is an excellent choice. Which of these Chrome bulk image downloader plugins do you prefer? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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