House Plans with Roof Deck Terrace

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House Plans with Roof Deck Terrace. The sense in which we view a building’s rooftop is slowly starting to shift as more and more buildings of all kinds are now displaying beautiful gardens, terraces, and even pools on their roofs. It’s a wonder when you think about it why we as people didn’t start using this room sooner.

House Plans with Roof Deck Terrace

Making the most of every bit of space and optimizing every feature and every function makes a lot of sense now, even though it’s not all for the same reasons. Perhaps the hardest thing to do is give up the garden/yard when moving from a suburban house to an apartment in a busy area.

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But if you’re living on the building’s top floor you do not have to do that at all because you can have a lovely rooftop garden like this one. Bent Architecture’s The Phoenix Rooftop was a prototype.

The clients wanted the rooftop to serve a similar purpose to a suburban garden. The history was very different but not difficult to work with. A rooftop garden really has its own range of special advantages and we’re going to get into that a little later.

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Just wanting a rooftop to become a lush garden and even having the resources to do it might not be enough at times. The ICADA and VTN Architects designed house is a perfect example in this sense. The local building code specified that around 50 percent of the roof area of the house had to be covered with either gray or orange tiles, and the roof had to be sloped.

Roof Deck Terrace

That definitely generated some problems for the architects and their customers who wanted a hanging rooftop garden. They broke the roof into a series of parallel bands of alternating green area and tiles in order to make it happen while still obeying the rules. They also conceived it as a terraced garden to establish the slope.

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An apartment with features such as an outdoor living room, an outdoor kitchen or a rooftop garden practically provides the best of all worlds and is an ideal hybrid. Generally unique to suburban homes, they carry the convenience and smooth indoor-outdoor transition into the heart of the city.

The first choice was selected by the owners of this Brooklyn residence when faced with the dilemma of choosing between a specific location and the likelihood of rising living space. The residence sits on a deep and narrow plot and originally had two floors that proved inadequate as the family expanded.

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Architecture Office was in charge of turning the house into a 4-level home suited to its owners’ needs. They built a new mudroom area below the original two floors and a bedroom suite at the top of the house, with a rooftop terrace.

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