Pool Table in Living Room Ideas 2023

Pool Table in Living Room

Pool Table in Living Room. The most common “game table” for a home is the billiards table, also known informally as a pool table. It’s a terrific game to teach kids because it’s an enjoyable talent to have in early adulthood. Should I put a pool table in my living room?

Pool Table in Living Room

Surprisingly, billiards began in the 15th century as a game played on the lawn and has since developed into a game played on a table indoors with green felt to simulate the grass it was usually played on (hence the popularity of green felt surface).

There are many other types of chambers, as you’ll see below, featuring man caves with pool tables in homes. A dedicated game area, family room, patio, man cave, or full basement could all be options. They are not only entertaining, but they also teach valuable skills to children, provide a fun activity for children and their families, and they look fantastic. While you still can spend a fortune, there are also reasonably priced tables.

pool table in living room ideas

For many homeowners, bringing home a billiard table is a dream come true. If you have the space and enjoy playing, why not create your own playroom for friends and family to enjoy? With a home pool table, you may host future parties and spend hours meditating on your own. Pool table room ideas for small rooms.

Billiards Table in Living Room

Best Pool Table in Living Room

But how do you include that massive table (and the necessary play space) into your house design? To make it work, you’ll need a large area, a plan to turn it into a wonderful pool space, and just a few smart storage alternatives, because you’re not alone. Many other billiard enthusiasts have contributed their ideas, designs, and woodworking abilities to the cause. Here are a few creative ideas to incorporate a pool table into your new house:

1. Measure your Room & Pool Table

The very first place to begin is with your pool room. You may already have a designated room ready to convert, or it may be time to evaluate the largest possible places in your home. You can rearrange the furniture in the living room, transform a bedroom, cover a porch, or even dedicate a large shed. Measure your space with a tape measure or a laser rangefinder. Calculate the distance between walls and doorways, taking into account any relatively immobile furniture.

Greater air space (empty space just above the waist) is required than foot space. As a result, seats and wall furniture are popular choices for your play zone. Match the size of your space to the size of the table that can be played comfortably with normal 58″ pool cues.

Keep the following standard measurements in mind:

  • Regulation Nine
    1. Table Size: 4.5′ x 9′
    2. Room Size: 18′ x 14′
  • Home Eight
    1. Table Size: 4′ x 8′
    2. Room Size: 17′ x 13’4″
  • Compact Seven
    1. Table Size: 3.5′ x 7′
    2. Room Size: 16’2″ x 13’1″

2. Think About Built-In Storage And Seating

Building in your features is one of the finest methods to streamline a home pool room. When storage and seats are built into the walls, they don’t take up space in the centre of your billiard room. Players must stroll around the table, position themselves, and wave pool tips in all directions — particularly above.

As a result, start small. Create a cabinet that surrounds the walls or even integrates into the walls to save space. You can also construct counters and place low-set furniture to serve as storage.

Similarly, a chair line or better! A constructed loveseat couch may make your pool area feel both snug and large. Reduce the number of scattered chairs by organising comfy sitting around the game.

3. Look for walls with two doors

Double-doors are an excellent method to expand a small pool area. Place your pool table near the patio doors or a central pair of double doors that connects the living quarters. This can increase your gaming space while also making it easy to mingle outside of the pool-cue zone. While twin doors will not solve all of your tight corners, they are ideal for the opening half of the table.

4. Try A Billiard Door That Is Hidden And Useful

Smaller doors can also be made to do double functions to save space. A concealed billiard door converts your doorway into a storage area for pool cues, equipment, and running scoreboards. This is a terrific technique to turn an inconveniently situated door in your billiards room into a benefit. During game nights, billiard doors can also provide privacy by concealing, for example, the corridor to the living area bedrooms from guests.

5. Try To Be Friendly With The Bar

If you currently have a bar in your home (or plan to develop one), it will work very well in your pool table space. Because the bars are lower-set, pool cues can swing above them. You can even lounge idly against the bar while your friends take their shots. A bar can also be used to store a few of your pool accessories.

6. What about fold-away furniture and convertible pool tables?

Another alternative is to turn your pool area into a multi-purpose space. For example, some families may cover the pool table so that it may be used as a dining, crafts, or homework table during the day. When it’s time to play, the other furniture is pushed out of the way and the cover is removed. Gliders can also be placed on your table and pushed against the wall when not in use to make room for other activities. Some snooker tables are even portable and foldable.

Alternatively, you can transform any other adjacent furniture. With unfolding walls and fold-away furniture that needs to clear the space to the walls more thoroughly than any stack of chairs, you can make it easier to clean the space for billiards.

7. Enlarge the Room (Pool Table in Living Room)

Finally, you might attempt mild home remodelling to knock down a wall or open up your pool room. Many homes, for example, have sectioned off living rooms, dens, and dining rooms that modern families would prefer to use as one large open space. Taking off inner walls (but retaining support columns) can increase the value of your home in the long run all while making a place for your pool table at the moment.

Renovations also provide an excellent opportunity to add built-in storage, seating, a bar, and a billiard table to complete your pool room. Contact us today for more ideas on how to make the most of your space and to learn about our handy built-in billiard storage!

Pool Table in Small Living Room

Pool Table in Small Living Room

1. Ensures Enough Space

This pool table for home usage would fit any home because it can be folded and stored when not in use. You will have more space in small rooms this way. The Hathaway pool table is available in blue or red. You can select the one that best suits your home’s design or that you prefer.

2. Designed for a younger player

It varies from the old versions and the most popular home pool tables in that it has steel legs rather than wooden legs. The frame is approximately 6 feet long, which is less than the normal pool table. It’s great for children who wish to learn how to play billiards.

3. Two balls and two cues

Cues are 48 inches long, which is appropriate for younger players. There are also balls, a racking basket, and chalk included in the kit. There will be two balls in the package, but if you need more, you can easily purchase them individually.

4. Size of the Playing Surface

The house pool table is approximately 75 inches long and 45 inches wide. When not folded, the table stands around 32 inches tall. The play area measures approximately 66 inches long and 33 inches broad. You will be given a table brush so that you can easily maintain the playing surface.

5. It is simple to relocate

Because of the folding construction, this pool table is easily portable, allowing you to relocate it if you want to take it on vacation or something similar. You will receive a sturdy nylon carrying bag to preserve the pool table while it is in transit.


  • Colour blue or red
  • Design that folds
  • Portable in a nylon bag
  • Smaller size for children

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ)

  1. Should I put a pool table in my living room?

    Yes, you can put a pool table in your living room.

  2. Where should I put a pool table?

    Put the pool table in the centre of the room to give yourself ample room to play. With built-in closets and a window niche, you can maximise the space’s functionality. Because it reflects the shape of the game table, an elongated rectangle room is ideal for your pool table.

  3. Are pool tables still popular?

    While the pool may not be as popular as it used to be, it is still popular and well-liked by everyone that play it. People nowadays play on a wide variety of pool tables. Some are high-end tables that really can cost thousands of dollars, while others are small pool tables that could cost only a few dollars.

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