PUBG Mobile Lite is a faster and lighter alternative for low-end smartphones

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PUBG Mobile Lite is a faster and lighter alternative for low-end smartphones. Although Fortnite is currently arguably dominating the battle royale genre, ignoring PUBG’s continued success would be a mistake. Although not the first battle royale title to ever release, it actually kicked off the genre and continues to do quite well for itself.

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Indeed, as of May 2019, the mobile port of the game alone was able to pull in a whopping $438 million. Although the game is running on a fairly wide range of smartphones, it is still a port of an extremely challenging game. As such, those with less beefy mobile hardware have been effectively locked out of playing it — given that low-end smartphones are fairly common worldwide, leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table probably.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a faster and lighter alternative for low-end smartphones

Fortunately, the creators of PUBG have their requirements in mind for low-end smartphone gamers. Working with Tencent, PUBG Corp. developed “PUBG Mobile Lite,” a lightweight version of the game that requires only 490 MB of download space and less than 2 GB of RAM to operate efficiently.

The Google Play Store now allows you to download PUBG Mobile Lite throughout Southeast Asia, South Asia, North Africa, and South America. In the future, the PUBG team plans to bring the game to other areas including North America, Central America, and Europe likes.

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So, what are the main distinctions right between PUBG Mobile Lite and PUBG Mobile? For starters, the Lite version involves improved target support, eliminating bullet drop, and considerably reducing gun recoil. In addition, there are now 60 players in the highest match size versus the typical 100, and more loot will be discovered in each game.

The game seems to have a few technical problems as well, though. Browsing through the reviews of the game on the Google Play Store, many players report problems such as broken voice chat, giddy cars, and inconsistent switches of weapons. However, as the game continues to launch in extra nations, these issues are likely to be ironed out.

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