PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass Leak Reveals New Skins

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass Leak Reveals New Skins

PUBG Mobile Season Royale Pass Leak Reveals New Skins. Season 8 is going to be ocean-themed with a “Power of the Ocean” tagline. PUBG Mobile Season 7 is still coming to an end, but details of the upcoming season and its royal pass benefits have already appeared online. According to the leaks, Season 8 will be theme after the ocean, bringing a ton of changes alongside the updated royal pass such as new skins, emotions, weapon, and other rewards.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass Leak Reveals New Skins

Also in the pipeline are ocean crates with incentives, updated profile avatars, and fresh performance tier and will arrive with the game’s season 8. There’s no word, though, as of now when PUBG Mobile Season 8 is going to go live.

Pubg Mobile Season 8 Power of the Ocean Theme

The recent leak of PUBG Mobile Season 8 comes with the courtesy of Mr. Ghost Gaming, who in the past also revealed data about PUBG Mobile updates several times before they arrived. The PUBG Mobile Season 8 will launch a fresh logo with octopus tentacles to go with the entire ocean theme to begin stuff off.

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The royal pass for the PUBG Mobile Season 8 Elite Plus Upgrade is priced at 1,800 UC and will provide an increase of 25 ranks worth 2,500 UC. It will also give Elite Missions access, a QBZ warning sign skin, and unlock up to 100 benefits. Those who buy the Season 8 Elite pass will also receive an Urban Scavenger backpack skin, plus an exclusive military operation avatar.

PUBG Mobile Season 8

The royal pass base Elite Upgrade will reset players by 600 UC. Talking about the skins of the weapon, a blue skin for the DP8 and an ocean-themed makeover for the trusted SCAR-L called Scarlet Horror will also come with PUBG Mobile Season 8. As for the introduction of fresh weapons, players in the next season will get their hands on the PP bison gun.

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A fresh level of mission accomplishment called’ Perseverance’ will also quickly be making its way to PUBG Mobile. There are a total of 75 incentives on the table, including unusual outfits, Bronze Armor Shark’s Bite, DP28 Delta Squad Set, with the Royale Pass upgrade. Notably, two fresh emotes called Triumphant Victory and Spawn Island Line Dance will also be available to players.

As far as benefits are concerned, the Elite upgrade will give benefits of 4,000 UC, while the Elite Plus upgrade will give benefits of 10,000 UC. The royal pass of season 8 will allow players to gain 600 UC which can be used to buy the royal pass of the next season.

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