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UBL is Worst Bank for Freelancers in Pakistan

by Sunbal Razzaq
UBL is Worst Bank for Freelancers in Pakistan

UBL is Worst Bank for Freelancers in Pakistan. This blog is to share my experiences as a customer dealing with UBL one of the major banks of Pakistan. I have not been receiving the correct payment offered by Google Adsense through UBL for the past two months (Nov, Dec) of 2021 without any specific reason.

UBL is Worst Bank for Freelancers in Pakistan

I contacted their customer service to find out why. Here, a representative advised me to file a complaint. They then advised me to go to the branch.

However, despite my frequent complaints ranging from basic helpline to remittance department, as stated by their workers, I was only subjected to unprofessional behaviour by bank staff, which was not resolved despite my repeated requests.

I tried many times to contact the local branch, online help services, and the official Facebook handle with evidence, but all in vain. After successfully ignoring the past 15 days of my time and energy they are still asking me to redo the entire process with further proof.

I am not sure how many complaints and what additional proof I can provide. This was absolutely irresponsible unethical behaviour. This experience realized me that I should avoid dealing with this branch in the future.

I believe there are some amazing experiences as well worth pointing out in a future blog but in general, the number of bad experiences has exceeded the good ones.

I truly feel that banks have a long way to go and that their staff need to be more educated on dealing with customers in the most user-friendly and best manner and not make them feel lost or disappointed.

Our request to readers of this blog is to share their experiences as a user, dealing with banks, if possible.

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Ali 29 January, 2022 - 8:24 PM

Very bad experience with ubl

Bilal 25 January, 2022 - 8:25 PM

Totally agreed!

Moazzam 22 January, 2022 - 8:25 PM

very poor customer service


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