What are commercial business loans?

What are commercial business loans

What are commercial business loans? All businesses, including small organisations, startups, or even big firms, require money to carry out their everyday operations. This can be for a new project, expanding the office space, buying new assets, stocking up their inventory, and more. To keep the operations going, such businesses may need to borrow funds. They can do this by availing of a commercial business loan.

A commercial business loan comes with a set of eligibility criteria that need to be met by your business before you can apply for a loan. The parameters include a good credit score, a certain threshold of annual income, time spent in the competitive market, and information regarding your existing loans. All this information helps in assessing your repayment capability and in deciding if your business can afford the loan. 

To learn more about commercial loan types and how to apply for a commercial loan online, read further. 

Types of commercial business loans

There are various types of commercial business loans you can avail of, based on preference and requirement. Here are some options you can explore for your business:

  • Loan required for equipment

As a new firm, you may want to stock up on new equipment or upgrade to a more advanced model for greater efficiency. The good news is that you can borrow money for this requirement and secure it with the same equipment!

  • Investing in real estate

If you wish to renovate an existing business space or invest in a new one, you can take out a commercial business loan and use your property as collateral 

  • Loan for investing in automobiles

If you want to invest in new vans or other heavy vehicles for your business, you can get a business loan and keep those vehicles as collateral.

  • Short-term bridge loans

You can overcome a financial gap by taking a short-term loan from the bank and keeping your property as collateral. Such a kind of loan is generally taken in a real estate business.

  • Stock up your inventory

If you are new to the business, you can borrow money to fill your inventory with materials in bulk before selling them to clients as finished goods.

How to apply for a commercial business loan online?

Now that you understand the various types of commercial business loans, here’s how you can apply for the shop loan

  • Understand your requirements

Before applying for a business loan online, it is essential to know why you need the money. Communicate it with your bank and convince them by explaining how it will help you build your business. Explain your financial condition and requirements to secure the best deals.

  • Decide the amount of the loan

Keeping your financial situation in mind, calculate how much money you will need to invest in your business while being able to repay the loan every month. Never borrow more than you can afford. Doing so can trigger a financial crisis and stifle your company’s progress.

  • Fulfil the eligibility criteria

Even if you intend to apply for a business loan online, you must meet the eligibility requirements. The requirement and checks would be on your credit score, annual revenue, credit history, years spent in the marketplace, and more. These checks and tests assure the bank that you can repay the loan. 

  • Compare the offers

Various banks or financial institutions make various loan offers. You may find differences in terms of interest rates, amount, tenure, and more. The time and quality of the process is also critical factor here. You can select the best package for your business depending on your needs.

  • Apply for the loan

Once you’ve chosen a suitable loan offer, you may now prepare your business documents such as income tax returns, bank statements, and so on to avail of the loan. You will also be required to furnish collateral as a security, which the bank will seize if you fail to repay the loan.

Things to remember when applying for commercial business loans

Before you avail of a business loan, keep in mind below mentioned pointers

  • The reputation of the institution 

It is ideal to avail loans from reputed and well-established institutions to avoid fraud and loss of capital in the future

  • Loan type and interest rates

It is paramount that you reconfirm the terms and conditions of your loan, such as type, amount, and interest rates. If any discrepancies arise, they could be addressed early on. 

  • Repayment process and terms

Different institutions may have different repayment terms and procedures. Confirm them before signing up for a loan


With the digitisation of financial needs, you may now apply for a commercial business loan online and learn about loan offers, such as interest rates, etc., without physically visiting the bank. You can also grasp the eligibility conditions and plan your financial situation accordingly.

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