WPC Wall Panel Design Ideas

WPC Wall Panel Design Ideas

WPC Wall Panel Design Ideas. The wood plastic structure for biodegradable glass and bamboo fiber is made from internal resistance mold. With the characteristics of good quality, excellent durability, and protection, WPC is a fully renewable material. The concentration of the WPC is over 1100 kg/m3, much higher than most hardwoods.

WPC Wall Panel Design Ideas

High density can ensure high stability, such as tickling, molding, twisting, dividing, without any complications. Wall panels are still visible, and the end required for success to be very good. An alternative to metal, glass, stone, PVC, WPC is the perfect material for wall panels.

WPC material is a modern form of wood replacement synthetic structure that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-saving. The WPC wall panel is a wooden pattern style with simple, natural, and beautiful functionality. WPC wall panels make it look new and natural for the house. It will help individuals display creativity with various unit designs.

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WPC wall panels have a very robust, soundproof, and noise control structure. The role of UV blocks is also played by WPC wall panels, and WPC has very low thermal conductivity. When used as wall panels in houses, the role of environmental sustainability and protection is also performed by WPC. Anti-aging, improved overall protection, long and happy life, WPC ceiling panels.

Wall panel Seven Trust WPC(wood plastic composite) – exterior wall sheeting is a pretty popular option for finishing the exterior of residential & commercial construction. Colored or composite effect coating, better known as ceilings or exteriors, is an elegant and inexpensive way of finishing the exterior of both new and refurbished buildings. Our composite cladding is an excellent insulator and provides a hard-wearing, protective layer against the weather.

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Seven exterior wall cladding series can be a great decoration to render a natural and perfect look of the concrete house. WPC Wall Cladding will offer a new look and new life to a house. It will increase the structure’s service life for the building, thereby increasing the value of the building. It can also enhance the performance of thermal, acoustical, and natural daylight.

Wood-plastic wallboard, also known as the ECO wood wall panel, with some environmental protection performance, not easy to deform, moisture-proof, insect ant. Lovely and generous, a variety of shades, a wide variety of options. Instead of the excellent thermal material of wood.

Characteristics features:

  • Chemical resistance: WPC product is stronger than real wood material, protecting the environment and no formaldehyde and other harmful substances, can be used safely in early childhood education, kids’ apartments, shops, and outdoor paneling, etc.
  • Colorful look: design of welcoming texture and bright colors.
  • Sensitivity to fuel: regular cleaning with soap and water or a water washer is ideal for cleaning
  • Friction to pollen: To avoid dust mites, the outer layer has a smoother surface. Moisture content resistance and earthworms avoidance.
  • Free management: no need for painting or oiling. More happy hours per day.
  • Long-term duration: would not break or fracture. In contrast, 2000 hours of Ultraviolet test will not be a p-test.
  • Definition of Product: PP/PVC/Paper Coated Wpc Wall Panels Object
  • WPC Panel Material+Decorative films
  • European Style Style, American Style
  • 9mm Thickness
  • Indoor bedroom, dining room, living room, study, bathroom, store, office, mall, etc. Use
  • 2750mm length
  • The films were connected to WPC panels at 130 degrees temperature by Technic PUR glue Melt.
  • Listello, sidestepping, windowsills, crown granite tiles, trim, clamp, buckle, flowers, Carved Stigma, carved pedestal
  • high carbon feature, Eco-friendly, Air temperature, Anti-mildew, Anti-termites, No formaldehyde, No fluorine, Harmful chemicals, etc.
  • The streamlined size of output, easy work to do for cutting and alignment

Why pick the WPC wall panel?

There is a benefit to this kind of content below:

  1. Inexpensive, same wood appearance, but considerably cheaper than solid wood.
  2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, no need to worry about red, issues with swelling deformation.
  3. Anti-termite, eradicate insect harassment efficiently, prolong the service life.
  4. Different styles, pp film, PVC film, paper to be coated on the WPC panel have more than 100 choices.
  5. Eco-friendly, no waste, recyclable, no benzene, 0.2 formaldehyde content, lower than the EO-class requirements, completely comply with European environmental standards classification.
  6. High fire resistance, B1Class fire rating, self-extinguishing, produces no toxic gases.
  7. Easy to work in.
  8. The sound-absorbing effect is strong, saving energy, saving up to 30 percent or more energy.

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