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Top 6 Tips that can help you prevent pest invasion in your home

by Sunbal Razzaq
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Top 6 tips that can help you prevent pest invasion in your home

Top 6 tips that can help you prevent pest invasion in your home. As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. You can take preventive measures in your home before the pest arrives at your place. There are many ways that you can adopt to reduce the chances of pests entering your house. If pests have entered your space in a large number, you can hire a pest control team by visiting powerpestcontrol.ca. Here are some great tips to help keep the insects out of your home.

Top 6 tips that can help you prevent pest invasion in your home

Remove Unnecessary Plants:

Make sure that you remove any unwanted plants and branches, especially near your front door. Pest uses trees and plants to reach your house. Cutting them off can be a significant change in keeping pests away from your space. Plants like mulch can provide shelter for pests, so avoid having them near your house. You can decorate your garden with rocks and artificial plants, and flowers since they do not attract pests.

Seal Holes in Doors and Windows:

One of the spaces for the pests to enter your home is through the cracks and gaps. Look for any fault in your doors and windows from time to time. Get the cracks repaired when they appear. You can also replace the entire door or window when it is damaged severely. If there is any tear in the windows screen, then get it repaired as pests can enter from there.

Dispose Of Trash Properly:

Before the day ends, dispose of your garbage outside of your house in a bin. When your trash is lying around for longer than a day, it can attract pests like ants, roaches, and rodents. Clean your yard trash as well because it is also a common site for the pest.

Make sure that all the garbage cans are closed with tight-fitting lids. Clean the area around your garbage cans as they can be contaminated and serve as a place for pests to grow. Keep your yard free of plant and leaf litter and standing water. It can serve as a medium for pest’s growth.

Change Your Light Bulbs:

Standard mercury vapor lights can attract flying insects. You can replace them with high-pressure sodium vapor to keep pests out of the home. The colors of the light bulbs that least attract the insects include pink, yellow, and orange.

Your light bulbs’ position also plays an important role when you want to avoid an invasion of insects. Try to place the light bulbs always from your home on a pole. It will keep the insects by the pole and not your home. Refrain from putting lights on exterior walls near the doors.

Store Your Food in Sealed Containers:

If you keep a plate of food open without covering it, some pests can invade it. Pests like rodents have a great sense of smell, reaching the site of open food in a short time. If you have a pantry in your home, store all the ingredients in a reusable container or resalable bags. Clean your pantry regularly to remove any spoiled or expired food items.

Keep your Home Clean:

Pests are attracted to messy and dirty places, so clean your home regularly. With vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and deep cleaning, your house will be spotless. You will also eventually reach the spaces which usually are ignored. Any fallen pieces of food particles can attract pests. With regular cleaning, you will reduce the chances of insects reaching your space.

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