How to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue in 2023

How to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue

How to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue in 2023. After a lengthy wait, the all-new iPhone 14 series is officially available. As usual, the user’s exhilaration and craze were at their zenith. However, there are always certain troubles that people have with their iPhone 14, such as Wi-Fi issues, Bluetooth issues, wireless charging issues, and overheating concerns.

Many iPhone users are still experiencing heating concerns. If your iPhone 14 is also overheating, we have a solution for you. In this essay, we will discuss numerous solutions to this problem.

Why is my iPhone 13 Overheating?

When you charge your iPhone 14, the battery and hardware within generate heat. Your iPhone is built to dissipate or eliminate heat, but ageing batteries, too many apps running, and even bright sunshine can cause your phone to overheat.

Regular overheating of your iPhone 14 can result in data loss or device corruption. Overheating can result in battery leakage and permanently slowing down your gadget. To keep yourself safe, you must have the iPhone 14 overheating problem resolved.

These are among the most prevalent causes of overheating issues with the iPhone 14 Series:

  • Using uncertified or low-cost charging accessories.
  • While your iPhone is charging, you may use it.
  • Location services or mobile data should be used on a regular basis.
  • iOS flaws and glitches
  • Apps that deplete your battery or are malfunctioning.
  • Using a very bright display.
  • Allowing your phone to be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended amount of time, or leaving it in a hot car on a hot day.
  • Watching high-quality films or playing demanding games for extended periods of time.
  • Making use of low-quality phone cases.

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How to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue?

List of 13 Methods to Fix iPhone 14 Series Overheating Problem. Step-by-Step Guide to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Problems:

Method #1. Turn Off iPhone 14 to Fix Overheating Issue

If the rear of your iPhone begins to heat up while you are using it, you might consider turning it off. Switching off your phone will allow the machine to cool down and relieve the burden on it. This may resolve your overheating issue. Switching off will allow the trapped heat to escape and cool down your phone.

  1. Simply navigate to Settings > General > Turn off the power.

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Method #2. Turn off the Background App Refresh

Background app refresh allows apps to run in the background even when you are not using them. This feature allows apps to connect to the internet and update themselves even when you are not using them. This drains the battery and raises strain, resulting in overheating issues.

  1. Select Settings > General > Background App Refresh from the menu.
  2. Tap Background App Refresh > Off to set Background App Refresh entirely off.

Method #3. Turn ON Low Power

When you use low-power mode, your phone blocks all background apps and processes. This relieves pressure on the GPU and keeps it from overheating.

To enable or disable Low Power Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Battery.
  2. Control Centre also allows you to toggle Low Power Mode on and off.
  3. To add Low Power Mode to Control Centre, go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls.

Method #4. Remove the iPhone 14 Lock Screen Widget

The new iPhone update allows you to add widgets to your lock screen, but one disadvantage is that it consumes too much power and is continually operating in the background. To save your phone’s battery and minimise overheating, avoid putting several widgets on your lock screen.

Method #5. Turn Off the Always On Feature

Apple officially released the always-on feature on the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Many customers enjoy this feature but are unaware that it consumes more battery power. The screen consumes more power and places greater strain on the GPU because it is always on. This frequent usage of the battery could be the source of your overheating problems.

You can do so by taking the following steps:

  1. Open Settings and select Display & Brightness.
  2. To deactivate the feature, go down to Always On and toggle it off.

Method #6. Turn on the Auto-Brightness feature

Auto-brightness detects your surroundings and adjusts the brightness level accordingly. This is a very simple and convenient technique to save battery power and keep it from overheating. This is how you can put it to use:

  1. Go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Display & Text Size, and then turn on Auto-Brightness.

Method #7. Turn off Location Services to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue

When you provide access to utilising or detecting location at all times, it runs in the background at all times. This not only consumes extra battery power but also creates heating because it is always on. Disabling location services benefit both the battery and privacy concerns.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
  2. Choose an app, then toggle Precise Location on or off.

Method #8. Avoid Using Your iPhone 14 While It Is Charging

Using your phone while it is charging not only destroys the lithium-ion battery in your phone but also causes it to ring. When you use your phone while it is charging, you are both draining the battery and charging it. This puts a lot of strain on the battery, causing it to heat up. To minimise overheating, you should not use your phone while it is charging.

Method #9. Disable Raise To Wake Up

Raise to Wake allows you to turn on your phone’s screen as soon as you pick it up. Because this feature is already running in the background, it consumes a large amount of device resources, putting further strain on it. This could be the cause of your divide overheating. It is suggested that you disable this. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Go to Display & Brightness > Settings.
  2. Then deactivate the toggle next to Raise to Wake.

Method #10. Install the most recent iOS version on your iPhone 14

To save storage, some users refuse to upgrade their iPhones to the latest software, which might cause your phone to lag or stutter.

Apple attempts to eliminate issues discovered in prior versions with each upgrade. You can keep up with the latest generation by updating your software, and the update may also remove issues from your device that may interfere with the speedy reaction you expect.

To see if there is a new iOS update:

  1. Go to General in the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Select Software Update, and if there is a pending update, it will appear here.
  3. Install any new pending updates that appear on your phone.

Method #11. Factory Reset Settings to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue

If none of these suggestions works, the last alternative is to reset your iPhone 14. It has been proved that resetting iPhone 14 has cured other iPhone 14 problems such as Face ID issues, Always On display issues, and so on.

A settings reset can clear out many issues inside the Settings menu that may be preventing your iPhone from using wireless charging.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your iPhone 14.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Scroll down and select Reset under General.
  3. Erasing All Content and Settings is the final option.
  4. If asked, enter your passcode.
  5. Tap Erase Now to confirm your selection.
  6. When finished, your device will reset and restart.

Method #12. The iPhone 14 can be returned or replaced

If your iPhone 14 overheats, you can return it or replace it by contacting Apple Support. Apple will arrange for your device to be repaired or exchanged by mail.

Bring your iPhone 14 to an Apple Store or contact Apple Support for help. Apple will email you advice on how to carefully package and ship your iPhone for repair or replacement. Apple may occasionally replace your iPhone with a new or refurbished device.

Method #13. Contact Apple Support to Fix iPhone 14 Overheating Issue

If you’ve performed the DFU restore and your iPhone 14 still gets hot at random, or if you’re having issues with your iPhone 14 Pro Max overheating, there could be a problem with your iPhone’s internal components. In such cases, we recommend that you take your iPhone to an Apple Store and have it inspected. Even better, make an appointment with Apple’s Genius Bar to avoid having to wait. Avoid using cheaper alternatives since they may cause irreversible damage to your iPhone.

Final Words

After completing the steps indicated in this article to resolve the overheating issue on the iPhone 14, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max, you should be able to use your smartphone without concern. If the problem persists, contact Apple Support for more assistance.

It is critical to remember that prevention is always the best method. Keeping your gadget clean and clear of dust and grime, as well as keeping it sufficiently ventilated, can help ensure that it does not overheat in the future.

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