How to Connect ChatGPT to the Internet?

Connect ChatGPT to Internet

How to Connect ChatGPT to the Internet? If you’ve ever used ChatGPT to inquire about news or current events, you’ve probably discovered that the chatbot doesn’t know much about recent occurrences.

In fact, it has a strict information cut-off date of September 2021, which means it has no knowledge of anything that transpired beyond that day.

If you ask about anything newer, such as the iPhone 15, ChatGPT may either hallucinate a response or decline to answer. But don’t worry, we can get around this restriction by simply connecting ChatGPT to the internet. This is how.

How to Connect ChatGPT to the Internet?

As previously stated, you can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus to have access to plugins and even an official web browsing mode. While the latter is currently disabled for maintenance, you may find various third-party ones in the ChatGPT plugin marketplace. Here’s how to enable them in your ChatGPT account, step by step:

  1. Log in to your account in ChatGPT.
  2. Locate the “Upgrade to Plus” banner in the lower left corner of your screen.
  3. Fill in your payment information to begin your ChatGPT Plus subscription.
  4. Then, click on your profile name to bring up the Settings page. Enable Plugins under the “Beta features” tab here.
  5. Hover over “GPT-4” at the top of your screen to open a new chat in the main ChatGPT interface. Select “Plugins” and then “Plugin Store” from the dropdown menu.
  6. You can now enable any of the hundreds of ChatGPT Plugins, although we recommend KeyMate.AI, Link Reader, and WebPilot. Simply enable one of these plugins to begin engaging with them right now.
  7. For Example, You can paste a link into ChatGPT and request that the Link Reader plugin summarise it for you. Check out this chat log for more information on the KeyMate.AI plugin’s capabilities.
KeyMate Ai Plugin

Use Bing Chat to link ChatGPT to the internet

While ChatGPT previously had an official browsing mode powered by the Bing search engine, it has been deactivated for several months. Fortunately, there is a simple workaround: simply use Bing Chat instead.

Bing Chat has the same core language paradigm as ChatGPT, but it can also search the internet. Even better, it employs the more capable GPT-4 model, which is available only through the premium ChatGPT Plus membership.

Bing Chat requires only a Microsoft account to use and is available on nearly every device, from desktop to mobile and even Skype. It also searches the internet by default, so there’s no need to fuss with any settings or dials to get it to do so.

You can use any of the other ChatGPT alternatives if you don’t want to utilise Bing Chat for whatever reason. For example, YouChat combines a chatbot with a search engine. Google also has a rival in the form of Bard, which can connect to many services such as Gmail and Search.


For individuals who demand real-time, reliable information, connecting ChatGPT to the internet is a must. While each method has advantages and disadvantages, the choice ultimately comes down to your individual demands and limits.

Whether you choose Bing’s dependability, KeyMate.AI’s comprehensiveness, WebChatGPT’s simplicity, Microsoft Bing Chat’s adaptability and ease, or WebPilot’s multi-functionality, you’re taking a step towards making your ChatGPT experience more productive and time effective.

WebPilot, in particular, provides a one-of-a-kind set of features that can considerably improve your content creation and research capabilities, making it an excellent alternative for anyone seeking more than just browsing capabilities.

However, for convenience of usage, we prefer Bing chat. In any event, connecting chatGPT to the internet can be accomplished in a variety of ways, all of which will increase your productivity.

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