Crazy Business ideas that made millions

Crazy Business ideas that made millions

Crazy Business ideas that made millions. Business can be quite exciting: if you do have the right ideas and execute them well, your company will thrive. Some concepts are reasonable, while others are downright insane. Normal people are supposed to succeed. However, we are all shocked when the insane ones do as well. Here are 15 fascinating and now successful company concepts that were formerly thought to be useless. Weird Business Ideas that worked.

Crazy Business ideas that made millions

Individuals such as you and me. These entrepreneurs have generated millions of dollars from their wild ideas, and they have given back to society by offering value as a culture to scale their enterprises. Crazy Business ideas that made millions.

17 Crazy Business ideas that made millions

Here is the List of 17 Crazy Business Ideas that made Millions:

1) Amazon (Crazy Business ideas that made millions)

Today, everyone and their dog has heard of Amazon. The e-Commerce business started off as an online bookstore. Critics questioned why anyone would bother learning how to use a computer and registering to read books when they could simply stroll to the library for free. People embraced the concept. Everyone was soon on Amazon, reading a book in the privacy of their own homes. Crazy Business ideas that made millions

2) The narrative clip

This is a little camera that can be clipped to the front of your shirt. For as long as you wear it, this camera shoots two photos every minute. It is manufactured in Sweden and costs $279 per unit. The Narrative Clip’s objective is to chronicle your life so that you can relive it afterwards.

3) Facebook (Crazy Business ideas that made millions)

Many people believed the idea of a virtual yearbook was ridiculous and superfluous, but Mark Zuckerberg disagreed. He persisted in building it, and it eventually became Facebook. Today, his social networking website has billions of users and is one of the world’s most influential corporations.

4) Paypal (Crazy Business ideas that made millions)

Would you give your bank account information and email address to a group of strangers? That’s exactly what Peter Thiel and Elon Musk anticipated their consumers would do. They are the PayPal founders. The online payment company was difficult to use, and users were first hesitant to provide their personal information. However, it is now one of the most profitable firms in the world.

5) The pet rock

After hearing his friends whine about their pets, a man named Dahl decided to devote his attention to the most simple pet to care for: a rock. He created a pet store that actually sold rocks. This was back in 1975. He was eventually worth $15 million.

6) The homepage is worth millions

Clients are charged per square metre for advertising billboards. A clever student decided to replicate the same thing, but this time with a website and computer monitors. The student established a webpage and planned to charge $1 per 10 pixels for adverts. Surprisingly, a typical computer monitor has 1024 pixels. The student sold advertising space for a hefty price. Surprisingly, significant corporations appreciated the concept and agreed to participate. With just one homepage, the student made over a million dollars.

7) Blessed ink

One morning, a priest called Bernard McCoy discovered that his printer was out of ink. As a result, he simply chose to devise a remedy. He began by filling empty cartridges with black powder, which evolved into his ink refilling business. Father Bernard built his business from $2,000 to $2.5 million with the support of eight other monks at the Cisterian Abbey in Monroe.

8) If wishes were bones

A wishbone is a little bone that you can use to make your own luck by making wishes. They are frequently dismissed as mere myths and are relegated to folklore. Ken Ahroni decided to turn it into a business. People thought his concept was a waste of time. However, he quickly began creating and selling plastic wishbones for $3. He eventually sold 30,000 copies every day.

9) Cards for exercise

We all enjoy passing the time with a game of cards. They’re entertaining, and we like the graphics on the back. What if the cards inspired us to do more than merely pass the time? Phil Black, a former Navy SEAL, resolved to do just that. His detractors first believed that no one would take his words of encouragement seriously. However, the cards got popular over time, and others began to love the activities as well. Phil made $4.7 million in revenue in a year by selling the cards for $18.95.

10) Working vacations

Would you forego your vacation time to work somewhere else? Many people would chuckle at this suggestion. When Vocation Vacation presented the same idea, they were ridiculed as well. They established a website where you can go and work vocationally at your dream career or in another location where your efforts will be beneficial. Surprisingly, holidaymakers began to embrace the concept and join up. After a while, Vocation Vacation had 125 fascinating jobs for people on vacation.

11) Craigslist

Craig Newmark devised the concept of an online garage sale where you can buy whatever you want. As a result, he created the Craigslist website. It’s straightforward, uses a standard typeface, and hasn’t changed in years. People criticise the design, but Craigslist’s founder maintains it as it has always been, and the website remains popular.

12) Positive matches

There are numerous dating websites available today. Each strives to discover a distinctive approach to attract consumers and establish compatible connections. There is one that ensured that all singles were compatible by targeting HIV positive folks. The website, known as, had over 50,000 members when it first began.

13) Santa letters

Santa mail, a firm, decided to make Christmas more real for youngsters all around the world. As a result, they established a postal code in Alaska’s the North Pole. Following that, they began charging parents $10 per letter to mail letters to children posing as Santa Claus. It’s a strange idea, and many people believed it was a waste of time. Santa mail, on the other hand, got 200,000 parents to send letters to their children and made millions of dollars.

14) The ecosystem in a globe

Technology advances with time. Ideas also improve as a result of this. As a result, some innovative individuals chose to establish a self-sustaining closed ecosystem. It was a step up from the pet rock fad of the 1970s. There are tiny shrimp that feed on algae in this new one. The algae feed on sunshine, and the entire process takes place inside a glass globe. “It’s not entertaining,” claimed one critic. The firm that created them, on the other hand, sold thousands of units and made lots of money.

15) Dr Seuss

In this example, the early attempts to create anything successful were dismissed as utter nonsense. Theodore Gisel was a writer of children’s stories. He’d decided to write a series of children’s novels. When he first offered his manuscripts to publishers, they told him that his work was utter nonsense. At one function, he ran upon a buddy who had recently taken over an editing company. Dr Seuss was born when a friend agreed to publish his works.

16) Furby (Weird Business Ideas that made Millions)

Furby ruled the 1990s and is now on the list of the strangest business ideas that made millions. A Furby is an electrical toy that talks gibberish and has a fuzzy. At its peak, the electronic toy brought in $500 million per year, and it had a reputation in the 1990s as a Chinese-made spy with listening capabilities. As a result, the National Security Agency banned it in 1999. Weird Business Ideas that made Millions.

However, according to Roger Shiffman, a key figure in the Furbies manufacturing chain, the toy lacks this ability. It’s easy for anyone to believe that you’re such a toy that jerks in the middle of the night can hear you speak.

17) I wear your shirt

Jason Zook, who loved t-shirts so much because he charged others to wear them, had one of the strange business ideas that made a lot of money. That’s how I Wear Your Shirt got its start. Companies pay him to wear their shirts and tell the world about them.

In four years, he had made over $1 million from this unusual business that few people had conceived of before him. Jason possessed a unique talent. He was most likely an outgoing extrovert with a unique manner of achieving what he desired.


The most outlandish ideas often provide the best outcomes. As they establish themselves, some of them face opposition and hurdles. However, if a company or a concept is actually valuable, it will eventually be able to generate a significant cash flow. Allow the above ideas and enterprises to motivate you to pursue your wildest goals!

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