Make Money Writing Short Stories 2023

Make Money Writing Short Stories

Make Money Writing Short Stories. Poets and short story writers rarely get rich by publishing their work in traditional literary journal markets. However, there are certain ways to monetize your poems, short tales, and personal essays without jeopardising the quality of your work. It is entirely up to you how much money you will make as a writer.

When you know where to publish your short stories, you can get paid to write them. We’ve compiled a list of 8 ways and recommendations for getting started. Make Money Writing Short Stories. Is there a market for short stories?

A freelance writer’s dream job is to be paid to write short fiction. Nonfiction or content writing does not stimulate creative individualism in the same way that creative writing does. You can get paid to create short tales and build a full-time writing profession if you have the proper abilities and knowledge. Can you make money writing short stories online?

8 Ways to Make Money Writing Short Stories

Before we get into how to get paid to create short tales, we’ll go through various sites and magazines to check out. If you write more than just short tales, be sure to read our in-depth advice on how to make money writing.

1. Enter writing competitions with cash awards

Many respected organisations run writing contests with monetary awards. Although there may be an admission cost, winning might reward you tenfold. And guess what? Winning a writing contest may be easier than you think!

2. Look for venues that will pay for your short stories, poems, and narrative nonfiction

While most don’t have the funds to pay writers, there are a few literary journals and publications that can pay for poetry, short tales, and personal essays. However, finding them will take time and much research. Examine submission rules to determine whether the literary marketplaces you’re interested in will pay to publish your work.

3. Consider thinking beyond the genre box

Poets who submit their writing to greeting card firms can earn money. Writers and essayists can send their work to speciality periodicals that accept freelance requests. Remember the shorter your submission, the better if you want to attract an editor to publish your creative writing in a publication that isn’t primarily dedicated to creative writing!

4. Make a grant application

The government and several charity groups often award grants to fiction and nonfiction writers. Discover how to apply for a grant.

5. Teach/tutor to Make Money Writing Short Stories

If you’re not making enough money from your short stories, personal essays, or poems, consider teaching. You do not need a master’s degree to teach: You could lead workshops for local community groups, speak at writing conferences, or teach a continuing education course. You can also tutor private language arts pupils. Learn more about well-paying writing jobs.

6. Publish (or self-create) a collection and actively advertise it

When you have a collection of stories and poems to sell (rather than a single story or poem ready for submission), you can construct a product that people may be interested in purchasing. Just make sure that your production costs (if any) do not consume your potential earnings. And, like any other published author, be prepared to sell your book and try to increase sales.

7. Obtain speaking engagements

If your writing reputation is good enough that audiences want to hear you read and speak, you may be able to obtain speaker’s fees from local organisations. Consider contacting a local publicist to assist you in booking paying gigs. And, of course, have copies of your tale or poetry collection available for purchase.

8. Consider the following to Make Money Writing Short Stories

While it appears that fewer and fewer online venues are paying their authors for commentary and opinion pieces, there may be a market for you if you have a unique perspective and voice. Consider submitting a commentary column about regional life to your local newspaper. Alternatively, you might approach paying markets online.


Traditional literary journals are unlikely to require you to fill out a 1099 tax form at the end of the year, but you might be shocked by the fantastic things that can happen to you if you write in a literary journal. Your unpaid short tale could get the attention of a literary agent who tries to represent you and sell your full-length collection of short stories for thousands of dollars. (Believe it or not, success stories like these happen all the time: Here are just a few of the remarkable genuine stories of things that occurred to our clients after they were published in a literary magazine.) So don’t shortchange yourself: just because you’re not making money now doesn’t imply you won’t make money later.

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