Startup Ideas that haven’t been done

Startup Ideas that haven't been done

Startup Ideas that haven’t been done. Just because you have a wonderful idea does not guarantee that your startup will succeed, and there is a simple explanation for this: conceptions do not create companies.

Startup Ideas that haven’t been done

Startups rely on everything from their founders’ ability to the depth of their coffers. But just because an idea hasn’t taken off yet doesn’t imply it won’t do so in the future, right?

Particularly in the IT world, concepts will be attempted numerous times until a true winner emerges. Let’s look at 9 business concepts that haven’t yet made it and see if there’s a pattern. List of Startup Ideas that haven’t been done.

1. Social Address Book

This could be the epitome of the “feature, not a startup” discussion. Many have attempted to develop a real social address book, including Brewster, Every Time, and Addappt, but none have succeeded in replacing the majority of smartphone address book apps.

Social Address Book

2. The Digital Loyalty Card

The digital loyalty card, which sits perfectly beside the business card killer, is a fantastic idea. It’s impractical to keep loyalty or punch cards for every restaurant you visit. However, there are enough small companies in this market to maintain it uncomfortably fragmented. Nobody wants to replace ten different loyalty cards with ten different apps.

The Digital Loyalty Card - Startup Ideas that haven't been done

3. Location-based Social Networks

Highlight, Banjo, and Sonar are the three most prominent players striving to bring proximity-focused social networks to fruition. People become lonely, and linking them with possible companions nearby is a great notion that has yet to catch on. It is worth noting, though, that firms like Tinder have created a name for themselves by doing this within a specific speciality.

Location-based Social Networks

4. Replacing Email

Everyone despises email, but no one can live without it. While Google attempted to replace traditional email with Wave, others, such as Kukoo and Dispatch, are enhancing it to make it more bearable. Meanwhile, my email is overflowing (: cries:).

Replacing Email - Startup Ideas that haven't been done

5. Group Photo Sharing

Some of us at TNW designed Gmail filters to keep group photo-sharing startups out of our inboxes. Adobe’s GroupPix, Color, Swirl, Pinwheel, Cluster, Albumatic, Tracks, Yogile, Flock, Google + Party Mode, and CapsuleCam are some notable attempts to perfect this concept. Even if it isn’t a pressing issue, sharing memories with the people you care about can be challenging, and it would be good if a service arose to make it easier. We’ll have to wait and see whether it happens.

Group Photo Sharing - Startup Ideas that haven't been done

6. Killing Craigslist

Craigslist, in all of its nastiness, will not die. Whether you believe it or not, it is still one of the finest ways to discover apartments, sell items, and find jobs in your area. There’s reason to expect a better alternative will emerge, but it doesn’t appear that building a nice UI with similar functions will be enough.

7. The Digital Business Card

We would never need to print useless business cards again if everyone just chose one digital business card service and stayed with it. Unfortunately, this has not yet occurred. Standards are not being followed, and everyone is still using cards to send emails (which are then added to an address book, while the card is thrown away).

The Digital Business Card

8. Social E-commerce

Shopping after hours is a highly social activity. So, an astute observer would wonder, why are we shopping online alone? Companies like Fancy are perhaps succeeding at something similar, but there is no digital equivalent to the social hobby of shopping with your friends (yet).

Social E-commerce

9. Social Recruitment

Job sites that try to connect with you through your social networks are on the rise. Path.To, Bright, Slip, and Tribehired are among the companies vying for your attention. Aside from being a useful function for LinkedIn, this notion has yet to completely shine.

Social Recruitment

These ideas are available to you if you’re ready to give them a shot, but remember to learn from the mistakes of others before taking on the challenge. Please let us know if we missed anything in the comments section below.

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