Does Blow Drying Help a Wet iPhone?

Does Blow Drying Help a Wet iPhone

Does Blow Drying Help a Wet iPhone? Every iPhone owner’s biggest nightmare is a wet phone, especially because Apple’s warranty excludes liquid damage. Using a blow dryer to speed up the drying process will not affect the Liquid Contact Indicators, which show that the device was wet. A blow dryer is one method for drying off an iPhone 15, and it should be used with caution.

Does Blow Drying Help a Wet iPhone?


Rice naturally contains moisture-absorbing qualities. Place the iPhone 15 in a dish of dry rice and leave it there for a few days. As long as the rice is uncooked, it will work. This is a foolproof method for removing moisture without using heat. Make sure the phone is thoroughly submerged in the grain for the best effects.


Set a blow dryer to “Cool” and blow towards the back of the phone. Anything higher could result in irreversible damage, so if your dryer does not have this setting, do not use it. Because the screen is heat-sensitive, exercise extreme caution. Even if blow drying is one of the quickest ways to evaporate moisture, you should wait a few days before turning on your phone. If the equipment is not entirely dried out first, the residual water will short-circuit it beyond repair.

Air Drying

The safest way is to leave your iPhone out to air dry. It takes longer, but there is no chance of heat or chemical harm. Place the iPhone near a windowsill or other light source to speed up the process, but never in direct sunlight. Too much sunshine can generate heat and be as harmful as a blow dryer.

Bags for Moisture

Moisture kits are specially made baggies for removing moisture from electronic gadgets. They are made up of bead packs that do all of the job. Turn your iPhone off and place it in one of these bags for the night. You can reuse the bags until the beads turn white, at which point you should replace them. The kits are available for purchase at and

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