If your iPhone is Stuck on Black Screen, What You Can Do?

How to Fix Black Screen on iPhone

If your iPhone is Stuck on Black Screen, What You Can Do? Unresponsive or stuck displays, such as the iPhone screen going dark, are frequently caused by serious system faults or, in the worst-case scenario, hardware damage. Before heading to a service centre, it’s a good idea to rule out software-related issues. Potential remedies and what you may do to resolve this issue are mapped out below. To fix an iPhone black screen of death caused by software, follow the procedures below. If you ever need further information on how to fix your iPhone stuck on the black screen of death, feel free to refer to this walkthrough.

How to Fix Black Screen on iPhone

The iPhone’s black screen is a regular problem, and if you rely on your iPhone for business, it may be a major setback. There are a variety of reasons why your iPhone screen becomes black and stops reacting to touch. Whatever the case may be, if you’re experiencing one of the following symptoms with a black screen, you’ve come to the perfect place to learn how to fix a black screen on an iPhone 14 Pro Max/13/12/SE 2/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6s/6/5.

iPhone Black Screen

Reasons why my iPhone Screen is Black

Software Issue

It’s crucial to remember that your phone’s software (iOS) controls every aspect of your device. When the firmware is modified, notably jailbreaking, iPhone software issues are widespread. This could result in corrupted software, affecting the functionality and performance of your iPhone, as well as producing the black screen.

Other software difficulties could include the 4013 error, new apps that cause your device to fail, or not upgrading your iPhone on a regular basis, as some of you may be experiencing.

Hardware Issue

One possible cause is hardware damage caused by inappropriate phone handlings, such as accidental drops, failed screen replacements, or water damage. Users of iPhones should be aware that the smartphone is extremely sensitive when compared to other devices. When your phone takes a heavy fall, the impact may cause certain internal hardware components to move, affecting your display.

  • Screen goes black after iOS 15/14/13 update
  • Screen is black and won’t turn on
  • iPhone is on but screen is black
  • Screen turns black after iOS jailbreak
  • iPhone screen is black and won’t turn off
  • Black screen not responding to touch
  • Screen goes black randomly
  • Apple iPhone screen black after water damage
  • Apple iPhone screen went black after dropping to floor
  • Screen went black with lines/white lines
  • iPhone turns black without a known reason
  • iPhone screen black with iTunes logo
  • Apple iPhone screen black with apple logo
  • iPhone screen black during call

How to Troubleshoot if the iPhone won’t turn on?

Method 1: Charge your battery to Fix Black Screen on iPhone

The most common cause of iPhones not turning on is fully drained batteries. Wait 30-60 minutes after plugging in your charger (make sure the plug is turned on!) for your gadget to receive enough power to restart. After this amount of time has passed, try turning it on. If you want your battery to live longer, check out our battery life advice. It’s also a good idea to try two different chargers to rule out any cable difficulties. If you discover that the problem is caused by a bad battery, we can replace it for you.

Pro Tip: Many iPhones would no longer charge when plugged into a wall charger, but they may charge when connected to a computer, so try both!

Method 2: Simple Restart/Force Restart to Fix Black Screen on iPhone

If your iPhone still won’t turn on after charging, use the tried-and-true “Have you tried to power it off and on?” method. Hold down the on/off button for a few seconds to restart your iPhone (it’s generally on the right side, but if you have an iPhone 4/5/SE, it’s on the top edge). If you have an iPhone X, you must press both the volume up and side buttons. You might also want to try forcing an iPhone to restart? Check out our instructions to reset your iPhone.

Method 3: Restore to Factory Settings via iTunes (Data Loss)

If none of the preceding steps works, you can try restoring your iPhone to factory settings via iTunes. If your iPhone starts with a blank screen, you’ll need to take extra steps before restoring it.

  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. In iTunes, make sure your iPhone is selected from the left menu.
  3. In the iTunes Summary tab, click the Restore button in the centre.
  4. You can select to back up your iPhone’s contents to your PC.
  5. iTunes will offer whether you want to Restore the iPhone, which will delete all of your data and settings. Select Restore from the menu.
  6. iTunes can download, install, and restore your iPhone’s software. During this procedure, do not disconnect the iPhone from the computer!
  7. When you’re done, iTunes will ask if you’d like to restore from your backup. To start again with factory settings, select “Set up as a new iPhone.”
  8. Give your iPhone a name, and the process is finished.

Method 4: Use ReiBoot to Fix iPhone Black Screen

Tenorshare ReiBoot iOS is a free computer tool that allows iPhone, iPad, and iPod users to put their connected mobile device into Recovery Mode with a single mouse click. This is particularly important for people who have unresponsive iOS phones that can’t be handled normally and require further software assistance to regain control of the device.

Even users with serious software issues can use this device to get their hands on personal data, apps, and services locked in their device that refuses to boot properly, thanks to the handy (and only available) advanced option for automatic fixing of over 150 iOS Stuck issues, which include the inability to reach recovery mode, stuck on the Apple logo, stuck on a black screen, boot loops, disabled screen, a frozen screen, disabled headphones, and removes backup and restore data.

Instructions to use ReiBoot to fix your iPhone

Tenorshare ReiBoot is another way to factory reset your iPhone. It’s simpler and faster, and there’s no need for iTunes. This approach will return your iPhone to factory settings and fix the black screen on your iPhone. You should be informed that following a factory reset, all data will be erased.

Step 1: ReiBoot can be downloaded and installed on PC and Mac

Launch Tenorshare ReiBoot, connect your iPhone to your PC, and run ReiBoot. To utilize the iOS System Recovery program, click the ‘Start’ button once the device has been recognized.


Step 2: To continue, click ‘Standard Repair.’

To avoid repairing process failure, select ‘Standard Repair’ in the interface below and read the advice below. Click ‘Standard Repair’ when you’re ready.

  1. If your device is unable to be detected, ReiBoot will assist you in entering Recovery Mode.
  2. If the device does not appear in Recovery Mode, go to the bottom and choose ‘Try DFU Mode.’
Reset Device with ReiBoot

Step 3: Download Firmware Package

When you’re ready, click ‘Download’ to get the most recent firmware package. It will take some time due to the approximately 5GB of the firmware package.

  1. If you were unable to download the firmware package, you can do so through your browser by clicking ‘click here’.
  2. Unless you’ve already downloaded the firmware package to your computer, simply click “import local file” to manually import the firmware.
Download Firmware Package

Step 4: Start Standard Repair

Once the firmware package is downloaded on your computer, you can click ‘Start Standard Repair’ to start system recovery. Wait for a few minutes, the standard repair is completed.

Standard Repair

Method 5: Contact Apple Support

Even if you haven’t tried the preceding procedures, be sure your iPhone is still covered by Apple’s guarantee. If this is the case, and your problem isn’t due to hardware or water damage, go to the Apple Support website to see if they can help you out for free.


Here are five different ways to fix the black screen of death on your iPhone 13/12/SE 2/11/XS/XR/X/8/7/6s/6/5 or iPad. Tenorshare ReiBoot is the most suggested for a rapid cure if the black screen is caused by software issues. If you were able to solve the problem using a different way, please let us know in the comments.

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