How to Fix the Cellular Network not available for Voice Calls?

Cellular Network not available for Voice Calls

How to Fix the Cellular Network not available for Voice Calls? One of the most common issues that smartphone users face is the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error. This error prevents a user from making calls, sending messages, or performing other mobile carrier-related operations. But don’t worry! In this article, we will discuss why you may see such an error notice and how to resolve it.

Our goal is for you to never miss your most critical and urgent phone calls to friends, family, or your job again by the end of this article. To get rid of similar alerts, use the simple and quick methods described in this article.

How to Fix the Cellular Network not available for Voice Calls?

A hardware or software problem can produce the Mobile network, not available message. However, in many cases, these are minor difficulties with straightforward remedies that can get you back into a functional network in no time. We’ve covered everything you can do here, whether you’re on T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint. You can simply prevent the problem from recurring once you understand what’s causing it and how to repair it.

These simple workarounds solve the problem of cellular network not available for voice calls” on Android phones, iPhones, Samsung phones, and feature phones. It includes but is not limited to, Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi, Sony, Blackberry, Apple, Audiovox, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, Sony Ericsson, and other Chinese Tecno phones.

Need to make a phone call but your phone isn’t working? Maybe you should obtain a decent-budget phone to make calls without any issues. Here are several quick fixes for the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error notice on your phone.

1. Remove the SIM Card

A mobile network is not the same as a wireless network. On the one hand, a mobile network is a communications network that is spread across an area and is linked wirelessly via transceivers such as cell sites.

Cellular carriers have cell sites located around the country, allowing them to offer mobile carrier signals and mobile networks. Herein lays our first solution: if your phone is connected to a mobile network via a SIM card, it can send and receive texts and calls.

As a result, if you receive the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error notice, one place to start examining is whether you were able to properly insert and put your SIM card into its slot. Modern smartphones have a SIM tray that may be accessed by inserting a pin into a small hole to eject the tray. Before placing the SIM card back into the tray, be sure it is securely in place.

2. Restart SmartPhone

After re-inserting your SIM card, perform a quick restart to ensure that any improper background processes that may be interfering with your ability to make or receive calls and texts have been erased.

Long press the lock button on the right side of the iPhone and push the power slider to the right when it displays.

Long-click the lock button on the right side of your Samsung phone, then tap Restart.

After rebooting your device, check to see whether you are still seeing the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error message. If so, you can proceed with the next steps.

3. Update Smartphone Software

It is well known that bugs may wreak havoc on how your phone performs. Bugs can also be the source of the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error message. Fortunately, when consumers report concerns like this, both iOS and Android developers respond appropriately. As a result, developers release updates as soon as possible to solve this and other serious concerns.

Simply open the Settings app on your iPhone and then hit on General. Then, choose Software Update. Tap on Download and Install if an update is available.

The same technique applies to Samsung/Android smartphones; enter the Settings app. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the window and then click Software Update. Select Download and Install. Any available updates will be scanned by the device.

4. Change the network selection to Automatic

Sometimes, due to bugs or strange occurrences, your phone’s network selection is incorrect. This implies that even if you have an AT&T sim card, your selection is set to Verizon. The best approach to resolve this is to set your network selection to automatic and resume using your carrier’s services.


  1. Launch the Settings app and navigate to Connections.
  2. Select Mobile Networks, then Network Operators.
  3. Make sure the Select Automatically switch (in blue) is turned on.


  1. Launch the Settings app, then select Mobile.
  2. Choose Network Selection.
  3. Make sure the Automatic switch (in green) is turned on. Otherwise, go ahead and tap it.

5. Inspect the SIM Card for Damage

Faulty SIM cards could also be the cause of a cell network not available error message, which prevents you from making or receiving phone calls. Damaged SIM cards are easy to identify; you’ll know your SIM is no longer functional when you check your phone’s status bar and it says No SIM Card despite having one in the tray.

Simply remove the SIM card from your SIM tray and insert a new SIM to pinpoint the problem. When it resolves the issue, it is time to make a changeover to resolve the issue.

6. Inspect for cellular network Maintenance

Carriers occasionally, but not always, execute maintenance that causes their services to be briefly unavailable. This could very well be the reason you were receiving the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error message and were unable to make or receive calls at the time.

Fortunately, you may easily determine whether your carrier is undertaking system maintenance. Simply go to their social media accounts preferably their Twitter or Facebook pages and see if there is an update on their pages. Typically, they do this to make it easier to reach their customers and avoid irate customers.

7. ‘Mobile Network Not Available’ Hardware Solutions

One of the most common causes of “mobile network not available for calls” is hardware failure. The following is a list of these hardware issues and how to quickly resolve them:

  1. When you receive the error message “mobile network not available,” perform a manual network search. If you can still detect any network, the problem could be with your Antenna Switch. This problem can be resolved by replacing or fixing the Antenna Switch.
  2. If you could detect a network but not the Home Network after completing a manual search, the problem is with the PFO. Replace or repair the PFO to resolve a mobile network not found the problem.
  3. If the network disconnects while making phone calls, repair or replace the Network IC and clean the antenna tips and points on the phone.
  4. If you continue to see the notice “mobile network not available,” you can either heat or replace the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator to resolve the issue.
  5. If the error warning persists, you can replace the Antenna Switch. If the phone’s Antenna Switch is inaccessible, you can install a jumper.
  6. If that doesn’t work, you can try heating, changing, or putting the PFO in a sweater.
  7. The next step is to heat, re-ball, or replace the Network IC.
  8. The Power IC can also be heated, re-balled, or replaced.
  9. You have the option of heating, re-balling, or replacing the CPU.

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