What is CQATest App? How to Disable It? Is it Harmful?

What is CQATest App

What is CQATest App? How to Disable It? Is it Harmful? Android is perhaps the best mobile operating system ever created, but it is also the worst in terms of reliability and performance. When comparing Android to iOS, you will see that iOS outperforms Android in terms of performance and stability.

The reason for this is simple: Android is an open-source operating system, and developers frequently experiment with their apps. Manufacturers add and hide various apps on Android while creating a smartphone. Such apps were intended for usage solely by developers and were mostly used to test the hardware components of a smartphone. Some phones allow you to access hidden apps through the dialer, while others require manual activation.

If you have a Motorola or Lenovo smartphone, you might notice an unknown software called ‘CQATest’ in your software drawer. Have you ever wondered what the CQATest is all about? This article will go over the CQATest app and how to uninstall it.

What is CQATest?

CQATest is a smartphone app available from Motorola and Lenovo. The app, sometimes known as ‘Certified Quality Auditor,’ is primarily used for auditing. The app’s purpose is to keep track of the performance of various apps and widgets on your Android smartphone.

Motorola and Lenovo utilise the CQATest app after manufacturing to test their smartphones. The programme runs in the background discreetly and continuously examines the status of the installed operating system and hardware components.

How to Disable the CQATest App on a Smartphone?

Because CQATest is the system software, you cannot uninstall it from your Android device. However, keep in mind that the app is hidden by default. As a result, you can use the following techniques to re-hide CQATest on your Android smartphone. Here’s how to uninstall the cqatest app.

Method #1. Force Stop the CQATest App

You can force stop the CQATest app if it displays in your Apps list. The app will be stopped, but it will not be removed from your App drawer. Here’s how to cause the CQATest programme to halt.

  1. To begin, use the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. When the Settings app is launched, select Apps & Notifications > All Applications.
  3. Now, locate and launch the CQATest App.
  4. Tap the Force stop button on the App info screen.
  5. That’s all! This will force the CQATest app on your Android smartphone to close.

Method #2. Wipe the Cache Partition

If the first two steps fail to remove the CQATest app from your smartphone, you must delete the cache sector. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Switch off your smartphone. Next, hold down the Volume Down key.
  2. Continue to hold the Volume Down key and then the Power Button.
  3. This will activate the Boot mode. To scroll down in this case, use the Volume keys.
  4. Now, scroll down to Recovery Mode and hit the Power button to activate it.
  5. Use the Volume key once more to pick the Wipe Cache Partition option.
  6. That’s all! This is how you can clear your Android smartphone’s cache partition. After that, open your Android App Drawer; you will no longer see the CQATest app.

Method #3. Update Smartphone

  1. A few faults in the operating system can sometimes unhide the concealed apps. The simplest way to get rid of such bugs is to update the Android version. Install all updates if no upgrade is available.
  2. Go to Settings > About Device to update your Android smartphone. Tap System Update on the About Device screen.
  3. Download and install any updates that are available for your smartphone. You will no longer see the CQATest app in your App drawer after the upgrade.

Method #4. Wipe Data/Factory Reset

Make a backup of your most important programmes and files before attempting this procedure. All files and settings will be erased if you use Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Switch off your smartphone. Next, hold down the Volume Down key.
  2. Continue to hold the Volume Down key and then the Power Button.
  3. This will activate the Boot mode. To scroll down in this case, use the Volume keys.
  4. Now, scroll down to Recovery Mode and hit the Power button to activate it.
  5. Again, press the Volume button and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  6. That’s all! This is how you may delete data and factory reset your Android phone from Recovery Mode.

Method #5. Clear App Cache

  1. Open the Settings app and select Apps from the drop-down menu.
  2. Turn on the Show System Apps option and look for CQATest. When you find the app, tap on it.
  3. On the “About this app” tab, tap the Storage option.
  4. You’ll notice the option to Clear Cache at the bottom of the following page. Feel it.

What does CQA Test mean?

CQA is an abbreviation that stands for Certified Quality Auditor.

What does the CQATest App do?

The programme generates an Android device status report to guarantee that all of your phone’s products satisfy Android’s criteria. When you turn on a fresh new Android smartphone, the information in the status report can be found in the “Terms and Services” agreement. The CQATest app (also known as the CQA test app) is a system application that monitors the general status of the system.

Problems You Might Experience With the CQATest App

Here are some issues you may encounter when the CQATest app appears on your phone:

  • Battery drain
  • Overheating of device
  • Performance problems
  • Device stops responding
  • Unresponsive lock screen
  • Issues with incoming calls
  • Recent apps stop working
  • The notification panel stops working
  • The camera app fails to load or work properly
  • High usage of background data and storage space

Is the CQATest App Required?

The internal team at Motorola and Lenovo relies on the CQATest app for Alpha Testing. The developer team confirms that every smartphone function works properly and is ready to join the market with this app.

If you are a developer and know how to run various phone tests, you can utilise the app. If, like me, you are a regular smartphone user, you will never require the CQATest app.

Is CQATest App a Virus?

It isn’t a virus or malware. It is a critical app that is kept concealed from the user. The programme is normally hidden from the front end by the smartphone maker’s internal team, but owing to some errors, it may reappear in your App drawer.

If the CQATest App appears out of nowhere, your phone most likely has a bug that unhides hidden apps. You can leave it alone; it will not harm your device.

Is the CQATest application spyware?

Certainly not! The CQATest app contains no spyware and will not affect your Android device. The app does not share any of your personal information; it just collects optional data that does not jeopardise your privacy.

If you see many CQATest apps on your smartphone, double-check them. Perhaps the extra CQATest app in your Android app drawer is malware; you can remove it by scanning your device.

Can I disable CQATest?

You can disable the CQATest, but system upgrades may reactivate it. It’s not a bad idea to disable the CQA Test Motorola or Lenovo smartphones.

However, you should be aware that the software does not slow down your device; it may only appear in your software drawer at times. If you can get used to it, it’s best to leave the app alone.


A developer testing software applications, such as the CQAtest app, may exhibit strange behaviour on occasion or infrequently, causing problems for mobile users using Samsung or other Android smartphones. If this is the situation with your device, create a backup of the system data and then follow the instructions in the section of this article titled “How to Disable the CQATest App on a Smartphone?”

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