How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating?

How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating

How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating? Instagram is a well-known social media network that has garnered a lot of buzz online. The number of active Instagram users is now approaching or exceeding one billion. One of the most vexing aspects is the repetition of Instagram stories. Despite the fact that many users have experienced this at some point, Instagram has never issued an official explanation.

If so, you are not alone in being impacted by the Instagram bug in which users are continuously presented with the same stories they have previously seen whenever someone publishes a new one. Don’t worry, the difficulty is only temporary. Everything will be back to normal in a few hours. This article will explain why Instagram stories keep replaying and how to fix them.

How to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating?

On June 14, a few users on Twitter noticed that Instagram has started presenting repetitive stories in their feeds. Even if there aren’t many, this problem affects a tiny number of people.

According to Twitter, the problem began on June 13. A growing number of people are speaking up and admitting to seeing the same stories over and over. This problem has already been encountered by users. Even if people in 2020 encountered the same problem, it was immediately remedied.

List of 7 Methods to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating

We’ve provided some general troubleshooting strategies below to assist you in resolving the majority of Instagram app-related issues. What you can do is as follows.

Method #1. Check Internet Connection

When the Internet is slow or unpredictable, Instagram does not count the story as ‘Viewed’. As a result, you must ensure that your internet connection is reliable.

The simplest approach to see if the Internet is working is to start a web browser and go to The site will do an immediate Internet speed test. You must examine the internet speed and stability.

Method #2. Restart your Phone to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating

If the preceding option does not work, there could be a problem with your phone rather than the Instagram app. After exiting the Instagram app, restart your phone.

Check to check whether Instagram stories continue to loop after restarting the device.

Method #3. Clear the Instagram Cache & Data

Many users indicate that emptying the app cache and data file resolved the Instagram Story continues to report difficulties. As a result, it is recommended that you try this one as well. Here’s how to delete Instagram cache and data files on Android.

  1. First of all, long tap on the Instagram App icon and select ‘App Info‘.
  2. Select Storage Use from the App Info screen.
  3. On the Instagram Storage use screen, tap on Clear Cache. Then, select Clear Data.
  4. That’s all! Open the Instagram app now. It will prompt you to log in. Log in with your account credentials and see if your Instagram stories are still replaying.

Method #4. Check if the Instagram is Down

When users first noticed the problem that replays the Instagram Story, it was discovered that Instagram was experiencing a server outage.

As a result, if Instagram Stories start repeating, you should check to see if Instagram is experiencing a service outage.

Most app functionalities will be inaccessible if Instagram’s servers are unavailable. You will be logged out and unable to view the images/videos/etc. Furthermore, the reel videos will not load.

You may check if Instagram is down globally by visiting Downdetector’s server status page. If Instagram is down, you will have to wait until the servers are restored.

Method #5. Reinstall App to Fix Instagram Stories Repeating

If all other techniques have failed to address the repeated Instagram stories issue, you must reload the Instagram app.

The Instagram app version you’re running may have a bug that’s causing Instagram Stories to loop. You can either update or reinstall the Instagram app.

Reinstalling Instagram will clear out any leftovers, which may resolve the issue. Long press on the Instagram app icon and select ‘Uninstall’ to reinstall it. Install the Instagram app again after it has been uninstalled.

Method #6. Install a previous version of the Instagram App

As previously stated, there is a bug in a certain version of the Instagram app that causes the repeated Instagram stories issue. You are most likely using that version of Instagram on your Android or iPhone.

Installing an older version of the Instagram app is the simplest approach to resolving this issue. You must install the Instagram version that was published a few months ago.

If the Instagram app worked properly on your phone in the past, the bug was not there in that version. As a result, you must uninstall the Instagram app from your smartphone and then reinstall the older version.

An older version of the Instagram app is available for download via third-party app stores such as Apkpure or Apkmirror. You must sideload and install the Apk file on your device.

Method #7. Force Stop Instagram App

If Instagram’s servers are operational but the Stories continue to loop, you must force close the Instagram app. While it is not a suitable solution to the Instagram Stories recurring problem, you can still give it a shot.

  1. First of all, long tap on the Instagram app icon and select ‘App Info‘.
  2. Tap the Force Stop button on the App details screen.
  3. That’s all! This is how to force stop the Instagram app on Android in order to repair Stories that keep repeating.

Why are Instagram Stories Repeating?

Why do I keep receiving the same Instagram stories?

Reason #1. Your Internet Connection Is Slow

If you notice that Instagram Stories are repeating, first check that your Wi-Fi or cellular connection is operational. This causes the majority of bugs on Instagram.

The stories sometimes repeat when the internet connection is restored since the platform failed to load them appropriately. Even if you appear to be connected to Wi-Fi, the connection may be unreliable. As a result, check your internet speed. Turn on and off your mobile data, or check your router if you’re using wifi.

Reason #2. Instagram is Down

It happened a few times the prior year. People began to vent on Twitter about their Instagram Stories repeating and the feed not being refreshed. They believed their phones were the source of the problem. Because everyone in the world was experiencing the same problem, those posts quickly went global. Instagram was down for nearly a whole day. The only official explanation we ever received was that Instagram had a networking problem.

However, Instagram may be unavailable in a certain location if there is a networking problem nearby. Maybe that’s what’s going on with you right now. We recommend that you contact your friends to check if they are experiencing a similar problem.

Reason #3. Your App requires an Update

Every few months, Instagram surprises us with fascinating new features. If you fail to update your app, it may begin to behave strangely. when is one approach to alerting you when an update is possible?

Repeating Instagram Stories is just one of many possible consequences. Instagram will begin to display a limited number of posts or repeat posts. It almost begs the question, “Could it be that none of my followers posted anything today?”

To resolve this issue, visit the App Store or Google Play and update your app. It only takes a few minutes, but the results are immediately apparent. You will no longer see repeated stories and will get access to a plethora of fascinating new features.


There are many aspects to Instagram that no one is aware of. For example, no one knows how well the algorithm works. So, if the same situation arises again, try to keep your cool. Instagram is most likely already working on a solution.

So, these are a few simple solutions to the Instagram Stories keep replaying issue. If you require additional assistance in addressing the Instagram Stories that keep repeating, please let us know in the comments section below.

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